Revive Kombucha Product Review (4 Flavors)

Revive Kombucha by The Allergy Chef

I was so excited to have the kids try these, as I’ve heard SO many good things about the Revive brand. In addition to these canned beverages, they also have a glass bottled line with other flavors on offer. I’m going to spare some of you now and let you know that the kids didn’t like these. Around here, kombucha is hit and miss. Kid Two is the only real ‘booch fan. Kid Four has two flavors that she likes. Kid Three is a die-hard Obi fan.

Revive Kombucha Orange Mango

Kid Two: Tastes a little bit like ginger ale and orangina combined, but, it leaves a little bit of a bad aftertaste… kind of like you’ve eaten an old mango. It’s almost like the ghost of a bad feeling.

Kid Three: Mmmm. I love the intense flavor, but it tastes almost like apple cider vinegar. Besides that, I like everything else about this drink. I like it a little bit. I wouldn’t drink it regularly. Obi is much better in my opinion.

Kid Four: It tastes like bad/fermented mango and orange. I would not drink this ever again, unless I have to.

Revive Strawberry Lemon Kombucha

Me: It smells lovely!

Kid Two: No strawberry… No lemon… It’s like ginger or something and it’s leaving a really bad taste in my mouth.

Kid Three: While it does have a unique flavor, it doesn’t remind me of strawberries or lemon.

Kid Four: This isn’t the best drink I’ve ever had. It really doesn’t have much flavor to me. Kind of like drinking lemon bubbles.

Revive Kombucha Cherry Hibiscus

The kids are convinced that unshaken, it’s like drinking watered down bubbles. If they gently shake the can, it’s like drinking cherry bubbles. Perhaps that’s been the problem the whole time?

Kid Two: When you shake it, it tastes sweeter. This may be my favorite flavor of the group. I’d drink it if someone gave it to me, but I wouldn’t drink a case of this.

Kid Three: Personally, I’m not a fan of cherry juice, so it’s not something I would enjoy drinking.

Kid Four: It tastes kind of like candy… but I wouldn’t drink it again.

Revive Kombucha Citrus Ginger

Kid Two: Smells like ginger ale and sprite mixed together. At first, I thought it would taste great, like ginger ale. But then… a LOT of ginger hit me. It my mouth it was nice, then the ginger just activated as I swallowed. This would be my second favorite… After taking 5 sips there’s a big bad ginger flavor build up. It’s like a massive ball of ginger is stuck in my mouth. It is no longer my second favorite… I spoke too soon.

Kid Three: I think it smells like ginger ale and ginger. It tastes like there’s too much ginger. I don’t like it, but if someone loves ginger, they will really enjoy this flavor. After all of these samples I didn’t like, I guess the Orange Mango wasn’t that bad after all.

Kid Four: It smells like someone passed gas on ginger. When I took my sips, it was like gross ginger and possibly lemon. This isn’t for me.

Final Thoughts

I’m bummed, but not surprised. Like I said, it’s hit or miss around here with kombucha. If you are a kombucha fan, it may be worth a try. However, I will say, there are other brands of kombucha the kids are happy to drink. This could be a brand issue, or a flavor issue.

Give a shot if you’re brave, and let us know what you think 🙂


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