Corn Free Newly Diagnosed ~ Start Here

Have a New Corn Allergy Diagnosis? This is a Great Place to Start.

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HEY there! Kathlena, The Allergy Chef here. First, I’m so sorry for you. You’re about to embark on perhaps one of the hardest things in your entire life. Being newly diagnosed with a corn allergy is HARD. I’ve put together a checklist for you that should make the first days a MILLION times easier.

1. Join RAISE as a Platinum or Diamond Member

And I’m not saying this to be pushy. It’s because everything you need is here. The safe product lists to get you started, hours and hours of courses and allergy seminars, and so much more. The content that’s here was made for YOU.

2. Determine Your Level of Sensitivity

You’ll need to know if you’re corn lite, corn moderate, or a severe corn allergic. All of the corn free resources on raise assume you’re severely allergic. These terms are coined by the corn free community, and can sometimes carry a different meaning to each person… one of the many reasons we choose to assume no corn, period.

Corn Lite generally means you can eat all types of corn derivatives (corn has over 200 names and uses). Corn moderate usually means you can have some derivatives. It’s usually derivatives that are further from the original corn form. Corn severe, or severely allergic means no corn in any form whatsoever. It can also mean you manage a contact and/or airborne allergy.

If you are managing a child or non-verbal person, it’s important NOT to run experiments on them. We believe in full informed consent. There are times when food trials can feel like experiments, and it’s a fine line to walk. Just know, not everyone has anaphylaxis, but that doesn’t mean the food doesn’t hurt like all heck.

Once You’re a Member

  1. Corn Free Introduction ~ Read this whilst waiting for your Welcome Kit Email
  2. Check your email for the Welcome Kit and fill out the new member form.
  3. Sign up for SMS reminders so you don’t miss the live sessions.
  4. Explore the Advanced Recipe Search and combine more than 50 allergens and diet types (there’s a how-to video there as well)
  5. Download the Corn Free Safe Product Guide
  6. Start placing orders online for corn free foods.
  7. Watch this Corn Free Course: Avoiding Corn 101
  8. Read about the Appliances in our Kitchen
  9. Browse through the Corn Free Courses and start watching them in order of personal importance.

Finally, I want you to breathe. It’s all going to be OK. We got you.


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