Obi Probiotic Drinks Product Review

Obi Fermented Drinks by The Allergy Chef

Obi Orange Tangerine

Kid Two: Ohuuuu. It smells sooo good. (takes sips) This is SO good. It tastes like Orangina. Honestly, I’m sad that we started with this one first.
Kid Three: Oh Yeah. This is good. Like a weird Organgina. It’s like Heavenly candy. Let’s finish this bottle before we sample anything else…
Kid Four: Oh yeah! This is soo good.

Obi Cherry

Kid Two: I’m disappointed. I taste the cherry, but this tastes like you’re drinking the bad aftertaste from kombucha. It’s like… a mouth full of ferment.
Kid Three: It tastes like everything I hate about kombucha.
Kid Four: Yeah, this tastes really fermented. I like the other cherry kombucha you bought (Health Aide) but I don’t like this one. Also, it’s too bubbly, and the fermented taste is really strong.

Obi Root Beer

Kid Two: Ohuu. It looks like real root beer. It smells like real root beer… WOW. This tastes like real root beer.
Kid Three: This tastes like a weird powdery root beer. The jelly bean tasted better than this because of chemicals and sweeteners. Remember a long time ago when we had sugar powder? It tastes like that. If you pinch your nose and drink it, it tastes better.
Kid Four: This smells like Jelly Belly root beer jelly bean. It tastes like the jelly bean. It is good but it’s not like actual root beer.

Flavor Rankings

Kid Two: Orange is a 5/5. Root Beer is a 5/5. Cherry is a 1/5.

Kid Three: Orange is a 5/5. Root Beer is a 3/5. Cherry is a 0/5.

Kid Four: Orange is a 5/5. Root Beer is a 3.5/5. Cherry is a 2/5.

Final Thoughts:

There is one more Obi flavor, Lemon Lime, that we weren’t able to include in this review. Since the sampling, I’ve been purchasing the Orange and Root Beer pretty regularly.

Kids Two and Four have fermented beverages that they love, and Kid Three has always been avoidant of them. With him loving the Obi Orange, and the very low sugar in the drink, I’m more than happy to buy it for him.

If you’re new to fermented beverages, I think this is a great transitional drink to enjoy.


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