Coupons & Discounts

We do our best to keep this page up-to-date with information from allergy friendly brands. If you know of a good deal, let us know. We also have an Amazon Shop set up where you’ll find some of our favorite products.

RAISE Membership

Given the current times, we are offering a special two month membership at 50% off. When checking out, use the code community. You’ll pay once for two months of access. This membership does not renew or require monthly payments.


Save $50 on your purchase! Use the code TheAllergyChef when checking out.

We LOVE our NutraMilk. You can use it for homemade dairy free milk. They also have a smoothie container which is awesome. The NutraMilk delivers quite a bit of power which you won’t find in blenders and food processors. This is also how we make our beloved tiger nut milk (tuber, NOT a nut).

Raised Gluten Free

Use the code theallergychef to save 20% sitewide at Raised Gluten Free. They offer nationwide shipping in the US.

Torie & Howard

Save 20% on your order! Use the code TheAllergyChef when checking out.

You can sweeten the deal (pun totally intended) by purchasing more than $22.50 and receive free shipping too. The Torie & Howard hard candies are one of our favorite products to work with creatively. You can melt them in the oven for stain-glass cookies.

Zego Foods

Save 10% on all orders when you sign up for a subscription, no code necessary. Zego foods is an amazing source for allergy friendly foods, made on dedicated free-from equipment. They’re top 8 free, sesame free, corn free, and more. Their oats are purity protocol organic. Their protein powder is radical too.

Subscriptions thru Zego also guarantee you priority access to their product. They will always make sure you have what you need.