Gluten Free Chickpea Pasta Review

Chickpea Pasta Battle

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to today’s head to head chickpea pasta battle! In the left corner, we have none other than the Tolerant Brand. And on the left, the young gun, Banza! Prepare yourselves folks, we’re going to see a tough battle unfold.

We recently decided to cook two different gluten free chickpea pastas at the same time, making this review even better. I will note, while there are a few more chickpea pasta options out there, we selected these two because of the lack of corn, and too many additional ingredients. We went with brands that let the chickpeas shine.

We followed the cooking directions on each box, and had pasta that was al-dente. Both pastas were cooked in tap water, had a little salt added to the water when boiling, and was drained, but not rinsed.

So what were the results: Tolerant was the winner, by far.

The breakdown on this review was so straightforward. I was expecting everyone to have so much to say, and they didn’t. I was told that (in reference to the Banza brand) “If chalk could be boiled, this is what it would taste like.” OUCH. That hurts. Now, we do recognize that the person who said that can eat wheat, and is touchy when it comes to gluten free pastas. I did a little digging however, and did confirm with a gluten free family that the statement was accurate.

One of our wheat eaters did say that the after taste of the Banza was pretty good, but they still preferred the Tolerant brand.

So there you have it. If you’re looking for a good gluten free chickpea pasta, the Tolerant brands seems to be the one to try first. Happy eating everyone 🙂


Tolerant Chickpea Pasta Review by The Allergy Chef


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