Wholesome Organic Brittle Thins Product Review

Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Brittle Thin Review by The Allergy Chef

Alright, we’ve got a short review for you today. Like Bearded Brothers and Zego Foods, Wholesome Sweeteners gets an A++ for transparency. When I called, they had some of the answers handy, but the rep wanted to make sure she had everything right. She took my info was sure to call me back with alllll the details. This product is not made in a dedicated facility and there’s shared equipment involved. Either way, I was so pleased by the transparency I was still smiling. I’m also excited that a food allergy company is tackling brittle.

These do contain tree nuts and peanuts. Only two people were able to sample these due to the facility, and the other due to braces.

Wholesome Sweeteners Honey Roasted Nuts Brittle Thin

Kid Four: It’s too salty for me. I feel like I’m eating salt… It’s like i cranked salt in my mouth and I’m chewing on it.

The Papa: I think it’s good. It tastes like exactly what it says it is. It’s like a peanut brittle. Overall, it’s pretty good and I don’t mind eating this.

Wholesome Sweeteners Caramel Almond Brittle Thins

Me & Kid Three: We were so enthralled by the smell. I thought it smelled like dessert from a mile away. So good… but almost sickly sweet

Kid Four: It doesn’t tastes good, but I don’t know why

The Papa: it’s not as good as the other one. I can taste all of the parts, but just not excited about the flavor. It has the crunch of a peanut brittle, but not the stickiness of a peanut brittle. I’m guessing this is due to the nuts? Not really sure.


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