The Daily Crave Beyond Churros Original Cinnamon Review

The Daily Crave Original Cinnamon Churros

I found these at the store and at first glance thought, oh, it would have been nice to buy them for a review. Due to the way the shelves are at that store, everything in the gold banner of the package was lost visually. So, they looked like a weird churro snack. On a whim, I picked them up and read the label only to be surprised by the ingredients.

Of course I reviewed the front of the package after that, then could clearly see the gluten free and plant based call-outs. It’s also nice that these are low in sugar so Kid Three can partake.

I also invite you to check out this product review of their chocolate and caramel flavours. Spoiler alert: the kids preferred those. Had I known at the first store there were 4 flavours to purchase, we would have made one review 🙂

Gluten Free Vegan Churro Snack Review

Kid Three: It was OK. It tastes like the Cinnamon O cereal we sampled a long time ago (I think he means Forager). Yeah, it tastes exactly like those.

Kid Four: Hmmm, it tastes like cereal. Maybe I’d eat more? But, I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy these.

The Papa: I agree with those two. These taste like cereal. You should absolutely put them in a bowl and add milk.

Kid Two: I agree as well. However, it tastes like cardboard cinnamon cereal to me. It does have a nice sweet taste as you chew it though, which I like.


The Daily Crave Cinnamon Churro Ingredients


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