Glee Gum Candy Tarts Product Review

Glee Gum Tart Candy Review by The Allergy Chef

I saw these Glee Gum Candy Tarts at the grocery store recently and was super excited to purchase them for the kids to try. Candy is a very delicate topic in our home because our Low/No Sugar Kid WANTS all things sweet and candy. With that in mind, I always keep an eye out for new options for him.

When first opening these, Kid Three and I were so excited… we each smelled them and agreed that they smelled kind of gross and funky. Here’s the funny part: even after smelling them, we were still giddy and excited to have everyone try these. They’re just SO cool!

Light Pink

Kid Two: Mmmmm! These have a great crunch about them. Although, I don’t really taste any flavor.

Kid Three: It has the same texture as Smarties. You don’t really taste anything though… maybe the memory of a strawberry. I keep trying to taste something, but the flavor keeps running away from me.

Kid Four: It smells good and tastes good. Reminds me of Smarties.


Kid Two: Mmmm. Pineapple 🙂 I love that! This one has a lot of flavor I can taste. I absolutely love this flavor.

Kid Three: *Gag Face* *Coughs* *Gags More* It tastes cool like mint, almost like it was frozen before we ate it.

Kid Four: I love it!


Kid Two: This one is really good.

Kid Three: Oh my goodness! This one is really good! It tastes like a mixture of berries. Even though my brain has been tricked because of the last one, I still like this one. It’s the best one so far.

Kid Four: This one doesn’t taste good after eating the last one.


Kid Two: Ahhhh (not a good sound) *makes a nasty face like he’s just had bad medicine*

Kid Three: Oh My Goodness!! This one is the best!! It tastes like Pez. I think I need to try the red one again… and the orange one too…

Kid Four: Oh my goodness yes! (in response to Kid Three) It really does taste like Pez.

Final Thoughts

I’m really glad that Glee Gum has released this line, and I look forward to keeping some in the house for the kids. What’s nice is that they each have a favorite color, meaning none of them will go to waste.

If you have a low/no sugar kid, or are looking for better-for-you candies, this one is worth a try for sure.


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