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The Most Powerful Recipe Search Online

Finding safe recipes without loads of modifications is HARD. Our powerful Advanced Recipe Search tool combines over 500 recipes and 85 filtering options. Finally, everyone can eat together!
For example, you can search for:

  • AIP Paleo + Apple Free
  • Carrot Free + Cinnamon Free + EOE
  • FPIES + Nightshade Free
  • Corn Free + Citrus Free + Oat Free + Dairy Free
  • Allium Free + Tomato Free + Pizza (yes, it’s like a reverse search too!)
Visit the Advanced Recipe Search Page, watch the video, and take it for a test spin.
You can also create meal plans, recipe collections/lists, and automatic grocery shopping lists once you’re logged in.

Every Recipe is Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, and More!

Have Food Allergies & Dietary Restrictions? Us Too!

RAISE is an amazing resource for anyone living with multiple food allergies, multiple food intolerances, complex dietary restrictions, and special diets.

 Our mission is to help everyone find & create safe and delicious food to eat. We also offer loads of resources, seminars, and much more.

RAISE is everything you wish you knew the day your were diagnosed!

What does RAISE stand for?

R Restricted diets
A (food) Allergies
I (food) Intolerances
S Special Diets (Paleo, GAPs, AIP, SCD, Vegan, Diabetic, Low Histamine, Allium Free)

If you are lost in this non-allergy friendly yourself a favor and invest in this knowledgeable group. Its really helped me step out and try "approved" foods!
Gluten Free Vegan Chocolate Buttercream Cupcake by The Allergy Chef
Very Happy RAISE Member

Two of Our Membership Options


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  • All Recipes
  • Select Resources
  • Guides & More


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  • Cake & Pastry Tutorials
  • Seminars & Courses
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RAISE: An Advanced Solution For Food Allergy Families Worldwide

You were a huge help. I can't tell you how much I appreciated your insight and resources. It likely saved his [her husband] life. The main one was corn. That's his deadly allergy. Corn was in the most unsuspecting places and if you hadn't told me about it we would have been so lost. His doctor didn't even know what to do. Thank you again.
Cookie Monster Cupcake by The Allergy Chef

Save Time! We Take The Guess Work Out of Food Allergies & Special Diets

Living with food allergies can be tough. Knowing where to start can seem impossible. Our team is here to help you thrive, no matter what your food allergies and special diet may be.

We offer so much support, including:

  • Advanced Recipe Search (get personalized results)
  • Allergy Seminars
  • Cooking Classes
  • 400+ Recipe Library, and growing
  • Safe Products Lists
  • Hot Seat Consultations
  • And Much More

Have Your Cake, And Eat It Too!

Gone are the days when a severe food allergy diagnosis means you have to stop eating all of your favorite foods. Here at RAISE we make sure that you have healthy options, AND indulging options too.

Our recipe library includes cake, pizza, pie, pasta, ice cream, soup, salad, and more. We also have a wide range of easy & nourishing dinners for you to prepare.

You Won’t Fall Thru The Cracks Because Special Diets & Food Allergies Overlap


Have a special diet AND a food allergy or intolerance? We understand, and have taken lots of less-common combinations into consideration with our recipes.

Just a few examples:

  • Soy Free Vegan
  • Nut Free Paleo
  • Egg Free Paleo
  • Coconut Free AIP
  • Allium Free
  • Nightshade Free
  • Oat Free

Have a less common allergy such as carrot, cinnamon, or sweet potato? We have you covered too!! You can mix-and-match 85 options with our Advanced Recipe Search.

Only Need Recipes?

Our Recipes Only Membership is the Perfect Option
$ 99
  • Over 500 Recipes and Growing
  • Safe Product Guides
  • How To Videos
  • Meal Plans, Recipe Collections, Automatic Grocery Shopping Lists
  • Meal Inspiration Files
Before I joined RAISE, I had no idea what to eat besides the same bland meals day in and day out. The Allergy Chef™ has helped me become more creative in that regard. RAISE is easy to use and it has great recipes dedicated to your needs. It has amazing exclusive content to help you on your journey through allergies, food intolerance, or special diet. RAISE is a win-win situation no matter what you're going through (food wise). 🙂
Corn Free Cake by The Allergy Chef
Very Happy RAISE Member

Food Allergies & Special Diets Are On The Rise,
RAISE Is Here to Help

We are currently seeing a surge in food allergy diagnoses in both children and adults. While we could all sit and chat about the why, we still have to make sure everyone stays fueled and fed. That’s where RAISE steps in. We help you find & create safe and delicious food to eat.

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  • How To Videos
  • Printables, Shareables, and Guides

No More Hassle: Let Us Reinvent The Wheel For You

In today’s extra busy world, it can be hard to find the time to figure out how to make free from-foods, especially if you’re newly diagnosed. We’ve reinvented so many wheels we’ve lost count 🙂 We figure out how to make free from foods so you don’t have to.

RAISE is also a great money saving tool. You don’t need to experiment with expensive ingredients. Follow your recipes and have loads of delicious success in your kitchen.

Gluten Free Maple Rose Pancakes by The Allergy Chef
Fluffy Rose Pancakes (GF, V, Top 8, RSF)

We Have Cake Recipes & Decorating Tutorials

Here on RAISE you’ll find a variety of cake and frosting recipes to meet different dietary needs.

Platinum and Diamond Members also enjoy:

  • Cake Decorating Tutorial Videos
  • Recipes From Our Bakery (GF, V, Top 9 Free)
  • Free-From Pastry Recipes

Get a Platinum Membership Today

Unlock Over 1,000 Resources on RAISE
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  • Recipe Library & All Silver Perks
  • Allergy Seminars
  • Recipes From Our Award Winning Bakery (GF, V, Top 9 Free)
  • Corn Free Courses
  • Cake Decorating Tutorials: Gluten Free & Top 9 Free!
  • Live Cooking Classes
  • Hot Seat Consultations
  • Podcast
  • Free-From Pastry Recipes & Tutorials
Have It All

6 Ways RAISE Makes Your Life Easier

Over 400 Gluten Free, Allergy Friendly Recipes

Allergy Seminars That Educate & Support

We host insightful Allergy Seminars which cover a wide range of topics. You come loaded with questions, and we come loaded with helpful information, and answers. Click Here to View Previous & Upcoming Allergy Seminars.

Amazing Resources For The Newly Diagnosed

We know that being diagnosed with food allergies, or having a mandatory special diet, can sometimes feel like a death has occurred. We supply you with amazing resources, and information that “food allergy pros” wish they had known when first starting out. RAISE offers over 400 recipes, Allergy Seminars, Live Cooking Classes, Expert Interviews, and a Podcast you won’t want to miss.

These priceless resources will help you go from diagnosis to thriving!

The Leading Source For Truly Corn Free Recipes & Resources

We know what it’s like, first hand, to live with a severe corn allergy. All too often there are recipes online (and even some products) that claim they’re corn free, but truly, they are not.

The Allergy Chef™ curates only the safest ingredients for those with a corn allergy and creates the most amazing recipes with said ingredients. Cookies, Cakes, Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners, Ice Cream, and SO MUCH More.

Priority Access to The Allergy Chef™ & Team at Free & Friendly Foods

The Allergy Chef™ and The Team at Free & Friendly Foods are here to help you Every. Single. Day. We are only one email or phone call away, here to make sure you are navigating the food allergy world in a way that suits you best. 

We also offer 1-on-1 coaching services for those who would like extra assistance on their journey.

Hot Seat Consultations: Take Your Knowledge To The Next Level

The Allergy Chef Speaking

A consultation with The Allergy Chef™ is a time when you let her know what your food allergies, intolerances, or dietary needs are, and from there, she helps you put together a practical way forward. Depending on your needs, she may suggest different foods to try, recipes, resources, and more, all tailored specifically for YOU (or your family, or your child). During the Hot Seat Consultation, all members can tune in live to watch/listen to the consultation. Think of it as a group learning experience.

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$20 Monthly

Over 500 Recipes and Growing

Meal Planning, List Making, Automatic Grocery Shopping Lists

Monthly Newsletter & Articles

Expert Interviews w/ Food & Allergy Professionals

Safe Products Guides

How To Videos

Printables, Shareables, and Guides


Meal Inspiration Files


$40 Monthly

All Silver Perks, Plus:

Allergy Seminars

Recipes From Our Award Winning Bakery (GF, V, Top 9 Free)

Cake! - Decorating Tutorials

Corn Free Courses

Live Cooking Classes

Hot Seat Consultations


Free-From Pastry Recipes & Tutorials


$499 Monthly

All Silver & Platinum Perks, Plus:

FREE eBook at Sign Up

Weekly 30 minute Coaching Calls
with The Allergy Chef

About The Allergy Chef™

Keeping Kids Safe with The Allergy Chef

Hey! I’m Kathlena, The Allergy Chef ™, and I have more than 200 food allergies and intolerances. I can’t drink most water, have life-threatening allergies, and contact & airborne allergies as well. On top of that I also have chemical and environmental issues, which is why you’ll see me in my life-saving respirator often. Here’s a bit more about me, but you can read Our Story if you want the long version 🙂

We’ve been a food allergy family for almost 20 years, and have walked a mile (or more) in your shoes. From difficulty nailing down a diagnosis to understanding food choices in grocery stores- we’ve been there. One of our big struggles early on was learning what no one was talking about: HOW food is made, shared equipment, and all of the small details you’ll need to know to keep your kids safe (especially if they cannot tolerate trace amounts of allergens).

Bowling with The Allergy Chef

We also struggled to make sure our kids were always included, so advocating on their behalf became second nature. We were blessed to have a school that was happy to work with us, but we know not everyone else has it so easy.

Personally, I’ve struggled with the pitfalls of having to be completely and truly corn free. Walking into a grocery store and seeing biodegradable bags everywhere… going to the farmer’s market only to see them handling everything with disposable gloves… Learning the very hard ropes of corn free living is perhaps the greatest struggle we’ve had to endure.

For me, being given 30 days to live was a welcomed rock bottom. To know that my suffering would be over sooner than later was almost a relief. We made sure the kids had the most amazing 30 days, and then… I survived. We proceed with such great caution, but that’s when I personally really learned HOW to thrive with such a complicated diagnosis. I was able to provide that for the kids easily (even though they each had a different diagnosis) but mine… it was just so BIG.


Never tell me what I can’t do. It’s something most people don’t realize about me (oh the funny stories I could tell). When I’d hear people say you can’t have XYZ free-from, it lit a fire under me. I was determined to prove to the world that we can have our cake and eat it too.

We started a bakery that’s had thousands of people without food allergies fall in love with our treats. We did a nationwide tour to hep people all over the US with food allergies see that there’s so much safe and delicious food to eat.

We’ve published cookbooks and so much more: all to show you that this diagnosis does NOT define you, and it certainly will not prevent you from living an awesome life. We want you to see that you can have just about anything your heart and tummy desires (though, some elbow grease may be required).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a contract?

There’s no long term contract involved, though, there is a terms of service if that counts. When you join RAISE, you pay a monthly membership fee (or yearly for recipes only), and you can cancel at any time. Canceling is as easy as logging into your account and clicking a few buttons, or sending us an email and we’ll take care of it for you.

Do you have resources for picky eaters?

Not many. Whilst there are a few resources that can help in this area, that’s not the main focal point of RAISE. However, I will say, in some cases, what looks like picky eating is actually a sign of an allergy. It was in the case of Kid Two, so never force-feed kids 🙂

Are there cake recipes?

Yes!! There are several cake recipes that meet different dietary needs. ALL of our cake recipes are gluten free, dairy free, egg free, vegan, sesame free, peanut free, tree nut free, soy free, and more. Each cake then eliminates specific ingredients to make sure that even those with less-common allergies have something to choose from. The good news is, they’re all delicious.

Do you make individualized recipes just for me?

No, but you can use the Advanced Recipe Search for customized results tailored to your needs. You can also bookmark several custom search results for easy access, and use the favorite feature too.

When joining RAISE, we ask that you fill out our New Member Form, which makes us aware of your needs. As we develop new recipes, we keep the needs of all of our members in mind. For example, back in the day when RAISE was new, we had someone join who could have garlic but not onion. It’s thanks to them that we have SO many newer recipes with different allium combinations (or no alliums at all).

Are the recipes kid friendly?

Yes, for the most part. You fill find recipes that are geared towards foodies at heart here on RAISE. However, most of the recipes are easy to make, don’t require loads of specialized tools, and are enjoyed by all members of the family.

I’m not gluten free. Is RAISE for me?

Yes! In fact, we have an exchange rate article just for you. We’ve reverse tested our recipes, and the great news is, for those who can have wheat, the recipes still work very well.

Once you’ve reversed a few recipes, you’ll see how easy it is, and will love the tasty foods you make here on RAISE.

When using wheat in our recipes, you may need to adjust your mixing times and baking times a bit to account for gluten.

I’m not egg free. Is RAISE for me?

Absolutely! We have an substitution/exchange rate article for you. We’ve reverse tested our recipes, and the great news is, you can use eggs in our recipes, and they still work very well.

Once you’ve reversed a few recipes, you’ll see how easy it is, and will love the tasty foods you make here on RAISE.

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