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Be a Founding Silver Member for $10 a month, forever (regularly $15 monthly). Be a Founding Platinum Member for $15 a month, forever (regularly $30 monthly). Be a Founding Diamond Member for $30 a month, forever (regularly $50 monthly).

Learn allllll about those perks!

First, one of the best perks (not listed) is ongoing and extensive access to The Allergy Chef. She is dedicating a great portion of her time to creating invaluable resources for the RAISE Membership Platform.

All Recipes
New recipes are posted almost daily, and you’ll have access to them all.

Expert Interviews
We go out and find the experts that have information you’ll find beneficial. This includes doctors, advocates, and industry professionals.

Weekly Newsletter
Each week we’ll send you a newsletter with a recap of what’s new, links to resources, and more.

Free eBook at Sign Up
When you complete the sign up process, we’ll help you score a free eBook from

Exclusive Savings
Periodically we will pass on awesome savings from allergy and special diet friendly companies.

Our team has created the RAISE Podcast, and you’ll be able to listen to each episode as its released. It’s exclusive to the RAISE Members.

Allergy Seminars
Join The Allergy Chef for seminars that include a Q&A portion. You’ll learn about all types of things related to food allergies and special diets. Some topics include: Holiday Baking, Class Parties, Gluten Free Baking, Plant Based Alternatives, and more.

Safe Product Lists
Our team currently maintains a Top 8 Free list and a Corn Free List. You’ll be able to see brands and products that may be safe for you and your family.

Corn Free Courses
Let’s face it: living with a corn allergy is HARD. We have put together a series of courses designed to help you cope and start to thrive when living in today’s very corny world.

Hotseat Consultations
These are awesome. In a nutshell: one of you wins a free 1 hour consultation. Everyone else gets to tune in with you and The Allergy Chef and learn about managing food allergies and special diets. To read more about these, click here.

Consultation Discount
Our Diamond Members will be receiving a hefty discount on their first 2 hours of consulting with The Allergy Chef.

Live Cooking Classes
These live classes are designed you can follow along with The Allergy Chef. You’ll be able to ask questions as you cook or bake along with her.

That’s right. We will be mailing you our famous Free and Friendly Foods chocolate cake mix, and have a class where you bake along with us.

Quarterly Recipe Request
Once a quarter (4x year) you’re able to send us a recipe request. The Allergy Chef and our team will help you navigate your dietary needs, and help you craft a tasty recipe.