Three Wishes Grain Free Cereal Review: Cinnamon & Unsweetened

Three Wishes Cereal, Cinnamon and Unsweetened

I found Three Wishes grain free cereal in a specialty store during our stay in SoCal several months ago. Honestly, I was so excited after reading the label, but then bummed about the shared facility (which the company later confirmed applies to the equipment too). BUT! There’s hope. I’m always on the hunt for tasty options for Kid Three and I just may have found what I’m looking for. Did you just hear Bono from U2 singing in your head too??

Note: the company makes a corn free claim on the package that I have not investigated. The shared equipment was a rather large concern for me personally. I encourage you all to give them a call or reach out on Instagram to see if the product would be a good fit for your family.

Three Wishes Grain Free Unsweetened Cereal

Kid Two: The aftertaste is like a bad cardboard? I’ve never eaten cardboard (we were all curious how he knew this). I think this is a bigger, crunchier version of a Cheerio.

Kid Three: When you lick it, it tastes like a packing peanut (I KNOW he’s done this so we can trust him). It does have an aftertaste of unsweetened Cheerios. I actually like it. When you lick it, it’s weird. However, when eaten whole, it’s not bad.

Three Wishes Unsweetened Cereal Box

Three Wishes Grain Free Cinnamon Cereal

Kid Two: This is what I imagine a Honey Nut Cheerio in cinnamon would taste like.

Kid Three: I’m a little excited to try this one. Makes me think of organic rice crispies and cinnamon toast crunch. This is amazing! Proceeds to hog the whole box. Like two awesome cereals mixed together. This is GOOD.

Kid Four: (gave a thumbs up) (goes back for more) She actually said nothing, but her actions were a great review 🙂

Three Wishes Cinnamon Cereal Box

Final Thoughts

As an allergy parent, I genuinely hope Three Wishes is able to move into a copacker that’s top 8 allergy free. Currently, their equipment is shared with several major allergens. I also let them know that the writing on the box was timply TOO TINY. You can just barely read the allergen statement. Related side note: although the equipment is shared with dairy, Kid Two wanted to take a small bite to contribute to the review.

I will absolutely be purchasing the Three Wishes cinnamon cereal for Kid Three & Kid Four in the future. Also, if you could have heard these kids arguing over who ate the cereal when it was gone, you would have cracked up.


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