Kite Hill Yogurt Cups & Yogurt Tubes Product Review

Kite Hill Yogurt Review by The Allergy Chef

I’m pretty excited to share this Kite Hill Yogurt review with you guys today. If you haven’t read the Dairy Free Swaps Guide & Article, you totally need to. SO many brands of dairy free foods are made on shared equipment with dairy. We made a LOT of phone calls and put the information in one easy place. With that in mind, we wanted to review some dairy free products that are made on dedicated equipment.

This diary free Kite Hill Yogurt review left me beaming because it is tough to find dairy free replacements that taste great (we’ve tried just about all of them). Hopefully you’re able to find this brand in your area and give a try.

Before you watch the video, note that we reviewed the regular yogurt style, not the Greek style. We purchased that one once in the past and it was a no-go. Kid Two is absolutely not a fan of Greek yogurt.

Also, we decided to not have everyone sample these for the video. Free-from foods can be really hit and miss with people who can eat major allergens. Sometimes I just really want to give a product a fighting chance 🙂

Video player not working? Click here for the direct video file.


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