Three Wishes Grain Free Cereal Review Chocolate & Honey

Three Wishes Cereal, Honey and Chocolate

It’s another Three Wishes grain free cereal review! When the company saw us mention on Instagram how much the kids liked the cinnamon flavor, they offered to send us the new flavors: chocolate and honey. Can I tell you: when the package arrived and Kid Three saw what it was, he wanted me to let him keep it all, and never do a review. I was like, but we need to review it for the website…. and he says, but if we do, then everyone will know they came in the mail…. and they will eat them all like last time. I laughed so hard. Needless to say, he was a bit more aggressive in making sure he got a fair share this time around.

Three Wishes grain free cereal is produced on shared equipment with some major allergens. Refer to our first Three Wishes cereal post for more details.

Three Wishes Grain Free Chocolate Cereal

Kid Two: It was kind of good. I did taste chocolate. There’s no aftertaste, so they’re good at that. This would be good with milk.

Kid Three: I think the chocolate cereal was OK. I liked it but not my favorite today (we do several samplings in one day). I like the cinnamon better.

Kid Four: This is not my favorite. They do taste like chocolate though.

The Papa: They’re not sweet and that may be part of the problem. (Kid Four said that’s not the problem). Maybe they can call this dark chocolate cereal?

Three Wishes Grain Free Honey Cereal

Kid Two: This tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios. I like how sweet it is… it’s perfectly sweet. No weird, bitter, plain, or flour aftertastes.

Kid Three: This is perfect cereal.

Kid Four: I like it. It has the same kind of aftertaste as the Forager Cereal (review coming in a few weeks), but less of it. (both brands have pea protein, that could be the taste they’re all sensing)

The Papa: I agree with Kid Four, but now I’m being hit with an aftertaste…

Final Thoughts

It was so nice of Three Wishes to send us these flavors to try. I think the kids are going to be loyal to the Cinnamon and Honey flavors moving forward. If you’re looking for a grain free cereal (or just something new), these may be worth investigating. Fingers crossed, they’re able to move to a top 8 free facility one of these days.


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