Paleo Protein Bar Product Reviews (made by Julian Bakery)

Paleo Protein Bars

I really enjoy finding products like these, and each time, I have my fingers crossed that THIS will be the day I find an easy snack to have on hand for Kid Three. Have I mentioned before that he’s rather picky when it comes to snacks? He’s also the kid that will tell me he likes something, only to change his mind after I purchase a case. Yay me 🙂

These Paleo Protein Bars seemed promising mainly because of their delicious names and pictures. There’s a whole line of these bars including flavors such as glazed donut and chocolate cake. I mean, I wouldn’t mind eating a donut for snack. I decided on these three flavors a while back when I found them at a store, and the reviews were so-so. Here’s what everyone had to say.

Paleo Pegan Protein Bar Ginger Snap Cookie

This is their Paleo-Vegan bar. Kid Two decided it was worth the risk taking a bite to see if he liked it. This brand will often use egg and beef collagen as ingredients.

Kid Two: I like the texture. It reminds me of a cinnamon graham cracker. (he takes another bite). Ahh. It’s all over my mouth, and I’m trying to get it out of my mouth. I don’t like it. (For reference, he’s very sensitive to spice including ginger).

Kid Three: I do not like the smell at all. I don’t like the taste either. WOW! Oh, what is that?! It’s also very powdery in the mouth. It reminds me of gros detox tea.

Kid Four: It tastes like tea herbs, but there’s a punch in the face. Rather than sipping on the tea, it’s really present in the mouth. I don’t like the herb taste.

Paleo Protein Bar Cinnamon Roll

Kid Three: It tastes cinnamon-y, and nutty. It is hard to chew, but it does taste good, like a nutty cinnamon roll.

Kid Four: This is hard to chews. It tastes like coffee to me. Actually, I think it tastes more like a latte with milk. I actually like it a lot if I nibble on it.

Paleo Protein Bar Chocolate Mint

A little conversation for you all to enjoy… The back and forth between the kids was priceless, and puts their statements in better context.

Me: (opens bar, smells it) Wow, that’s nice.
Kid Two: Can I smell? Oh you’re right, it’s amazing. I like the smell.
Kid Four: It smells like toothpaste.
Kid Three: Not to me. (takes a bite) It taste like mint chocolate.
Kid Four: I can’t taste the chocolate. It’s like I’ve just brushed my teeth.
Kid Three: I like it. I can still taste the chocolate, but you’re right, the mint is intense.
Kid Four: I don’t like this. Are you going to eat the rest of the Cinnamon Roll flavor? I like that one a lot. I’ll eat it if you won’t. Because, it’s reallllyyyy good. Way better than this one.

Paleo Protein Bars


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