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Bearded Brothers Snack Bars Review by The Allergy Chef

Before we jump in, I have to tell you: I love Bearded Brothers. I’ve had the chance to meet one of them, and talk with them on the phone as well, and they’re just good people. They are amazing when it comes to transparency and have a genuine concern for the food allergy community. The Bearded Brothers bars is seriously something everyone should try once, assuming you can have the ingredients.

When I was working on a RAISE project, I spoke with Bearded Brothers on the phone and was SO impressed by their transparency I purchased one bar in each flavor the next time I was at the store. That’s totally my thing. I love supporting companies, and always have my fingers crossed that the kids will like the product.

Now, after you read this review, you may not be sold on the idea of Bearded Brothers bars, and for that, I am deeply sorry. Please remember, our kids don’t eat bars that much, and not many of this style. I say that to say this: ignore the kids and buy these bars at least once. Can you tell I enjoy supporting transparent companies? Oh! And they’re organic and refined sugar free too!!

Bearded Brothers Blueberry Vanilla Bar

Kid Two: I LOVE the flavor combo.

Kid Three: It’s good, but it does burn my mouth a little. I don’t really like the smell either. The taste is very sweet, more like a cookie than a granola bar. They may want to call these cookies instead.

Kid Four: It tastes really good but the texture is also a little gross when you’re chewing it. It’s like a normal bar… sort of… but it could be the dates. They have a weird texture to me. I do like it though (goes back for another bite).

The Papa: It’s a little on the dry side, but has a good flavor. It’s not chewy like what a normal bar would be. It’s more dry like a cookie, but totally has great flavor elements.

Bearded Brothers Raspberry Lemon Bar

Kid Two: I don’t like it. The flavor leaves a bad aftertaste in your mouth.

Kid Three: I don’t like the smell. Smells… you may not want to write this, but like vomit. Maybe find a nicer way to say that? (I couldn’t, so I wrote it). It’s almost like fermented raspberries.

Kid Four: I don’t like it either. (spat out her sample)

The Papa: It’s not as good as the blueberry bar.

Bearded Brother Coconut Mango Bar

Kid Two: I’m not a fan of coconut, but I like this one. (takes more bites before passing it on)

Kid Four: I don’t like it. (I’m not surprised. This is like the cracker review all over again.)

Bearded Brothers Ginger Peach Bar

Kid Two: The ginger is burning my mouth… I have a very sensitive mouth. This really is almost like gingerbread. It has the essence of gingerbread but there’s just too much ginger for me personally. It’s still burning my mouth…

Kid Three: You know those cookies from the smiley face company? (Free Yum) it smells like their orange cookie bar. (he means this in a good way) Kind of makes me want to vomit a little. The ginger is… Remember those ginger chews you eat when you’re sick? It’s like that when it comes to intensity. (I keep chewable ginger tablets on hand for when they’re needed… no one likes them)

Kid Four: I don’t like it. I don’t like ginger. (she doesn’t even like gingerbread cookies)

The Papa: It sure is gingery. Reminds me of a ginger snap a bit.

Bearded Brothers Mega Maca Chocolate Bar

Kid Two: It’s kind of bitter, and not very flavorful. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Kid Four: I don’t like it. It tastes like poop. (everyone asked her how she knows this) It’s bitter and gross.

Final Thoughts

I’m sad that everyone didn’t love all of the flavors, but I’m also not surprised. We generally don’t have products like these in our home. I will however purchase more of the Blueberry Vanilla bars since those were a hit, and the Coconut Mango for Kid Two. The nice thing is, these bards are made in a dedicated facility, so there’s quite a bit of safety.


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