Sprouts Mango & Coconut Mochi Bites Product Review

Sprouts Non-Dairy Moch Bites

I have an interesting confession to make: I regularly forget that Sprouts is a grocery store chain and we have one in our area. Each time a company rep tells me they’re available at Sprouts, I’m like, oh yeah. Sprouts. What’s neat about this memory trick of mine is that each time I go to Sprouts, I discover so many new items. It’s like being a kid in a candy store. Today we’ll be reviewing the Sprouts Mango and Coconut Mochi Bites which were a real treasure of a find.

Fun fact: when the kids opened the box to sample, they all happened to grab the same flavor. Only after the first sampling did we realize there were two flavors in the box: mango AND coconut. We all thought both flavors would be in one bite. Sadly, if you look at the front of the box, it’s pretty clear that there are two distinct flavors. Oops.

Sometime last year Mr. Low/No Sugar begged and begged for a mochi bite at Whole Foods. I finally caved one day and he picked some out. He didn’t like them, lol. All that begging for a novelty product only to find out it wasn’t his thing. Since then, I’ve been on the lookout for a mochi bite that Kid Two could try as well. Thank you Sprouts!

Here are the ingredients. Loving the shared facility statement!

Sprouts Non-Dairy Moch Bites

Sprouts Non-Dairy Mochi Bite Coconut Flavor

Kid Two: I LOVE the idea of coconut bites, or ice cream bites. I really love the gummy part (he was referring to the outside layer). I love the flavor too. Overall, it tastes like other coconut ice cream flavors that I’ve had before.

Kid Three: Unable to sample due to issues with coconut

Kid Four: It tastes like coconut for sure! It’s really good. The powder helps the actual texture of a coconut come through. I’d give this one the same score as the Mango flavor. I can say that there’s a good consistency between the two flavors which I like. I really like this flavor. They did a really good job on this.

Sprouts Non-Dairy Mochi Bite Coconut Flavor

Kid Two: It’s rather gummy, and there’s a frozen powder on this. (He was referring to the outer layer). I’m not sure if I like this one.

Kid Three: The outside is kind of gross. This mochi bite is harder than a standard mochi bite. I really like the mango flavor inside though (he wants you to know that mango in general is one his favorite flavors).

Kid Four: Hmmm. My first impression is that these are powdery, funky, and gummy. But! The flavor is good. All together (the inside and the outside) it’s good. It tastes like I’m actually eating a mango (she loves mango).

Final Thoughts:

They all agree that there’s a gumminess about these and they don’t necessarily love that. However, they’re all happy to have me purchase more of these next time I remember Sprouts exists 🙂


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