Gluten Free Onion Rings Product Review (Veggie Rings)

Farmwise Foods Veggie Rings Onion Rings

We met Farmwise Foods at the Nourished Festival in San Diego, and they shared a coupon for their product with us. Side note confession: I always forget that Sprouts (grocery store) exists. I’m not sure why, considering I sort-of drive by it to get to Rainbow. Well, not a direct drive-by. Anywho, I found these at Sprouts because I made it a point to remember to go there recently.

Here’s what’s way cool about these onion rings: they’re more than just onions in a batter. They have cauliflower and beans, and they’re gluten free. AND allergy friendly!! The kids tried them, and here’s what they had to say:

Kid Two: These taste amazing! I especially loved them with the sugar free ketchup. I agree with Kid Three. I can taste the cauliflower as well, but, I love them. These are restaurant quality for sure (he’s had safe onion rings at Saturn Cafe). I would eat TEN cases.

Kid Three: I can taste the cauliflower in these when you eat them without ketchup. I had these with the new sugar free ketchup (True Made Foods), and it tastes EXACTLY like the chicken nuggets from Whole Foods. That’s a compliment by the way. Also, these are good and squishy onion rings. I would happily eat a case of them.

Kid Four: These are pretty good. I really liked them with ketchup. I don’t know that they’re my favorite food on the planet, but I’d eat them when we have them.

Farmwise Foods Veggie Rings Onion Rings


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