Free Yumm Bars & Cookies Review

Free Yumm Bars and Cookies

Stop the presses! We have found the ultimate snack bar for kids (and hungry teenagers). It is SO rare to find good gluten free, and ask for good allergy friendly… you may search for a long time to find that. Let’s be honest, kids are finicky, and get really picky when it comes to snacks. Our kids are no different. All too often they’ll tell me they like something, I’ll buy 5 boxes, then they say they don’t like it anymore. Other times, we may purchase 10 different bars only to find one that’s a maybe. Well, Free Yumm Bars and Cookies were a real hit with our teenagers.

I met the awesome rep Vanessa at the Gluten Free Allergy Friendly Expo last week, and I was pleasantly surprise by how clean, simple, and awesome their ingredients are. She sent us home with samples of each flavor, and boy am I excited to report in. The kids loved them. Now, each child had their preferences, and you’ll get to read all about that in a moment. I simply loved the how clean the bars were, and the fact that the kids enjoyed them. While these are very allergy friendly, coconut sugar is used, for those of you that can’t have coconut. Finally, they’re made in a DEDICATED FACILITY!!! How incredible 🙂

The kids decided to eat these bars like a rainbow, so here we go.

(Red) Raspberry Chia Bar

Kids Two and Four say they like this bar. They also added that it was softer than they imagined it would be. It’s nice all the way thru, and there’s no bitter after taste.

(Orange) Ginger Cookie

Kid Four loves how subtle the ginger flavor is in this cookie. Kid Three has proclaimed that he doesn’t like ginger, and this cookie is REALLY good. Kid Two loves it as well. After telling me all of this, Kid Three then proceeded to harass his siblings about eating their leftover bites of this cookie. Clearly he’s a fan.

(Yellow) Chocolate Chip Oat Bar

All Kid Two could say was mmmmhhhhhhhhmmmmm. He then informed his siblings that he’d be happy to eat their bar samples if they didn’t like it. Kid Three said that compared to the other flavors, he didn’t like this one as much. Kid Four said it was the best flavor so far.

(Green) Honey Apple Oat Bar

Kid Three said that he doesn’t think he likes this bar. He’s not sure why. The other two said that they liked this one better than Chocolate Chip Oat. For Kid Four, that would mean this one is now the best so far.

(Blue) Double Chocolate Cookie

From Kid Four: “That’s good! I like that… Now I like this one the best, probably because it’s a cookie.” Kid Three said it’s good, but not as good as the Ginger Cookie. Finally, Kid Two says this is his favorite.

(Purple) Blueberry Oat Bar

Kid Two says he really likes this bar. Kid Three said that it’s OK, but he wouldn’t eat it every day. I wish you could have seen the look on Kid Four’s face when she ate this one. Her eyes went big and she let me know with enthusiasm how much she likes this bar.

The Official Ranking

In order of favorite to least favorite bar…

Kid Two: Blue was the best. Everything else is a tie. I pushed him to be specific, but he insisted that they were really were a tie.

Kid Three: Orange, Red, Purple/Blue. He didn’t like Green or Yellow.

Kid Four: Blue, Purple/Green, Yellow, Red. She didn’t like Orange.

Free Yumm Bars and Cookies


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