RW Garcia Gluten Free Sweet Potato Crackers Product Review

RW Garcia Gluten Free Sweet Potato Crackers

Today we’ll be sharing with you our review of RW Garcia Gluten Free Sweet Potato Crackers. These were a sample we brought home from the Nourished Festival a couple of months ago. Interestingly, the kids had to eat these outside, given that corn was the number one ingredient. Personally, I find that a bit frustrating, as the package has “3 Seed” front and center. I see this a lot these days… packages that have particular claims, then you read the ingredients and quietly put the package back on the shelf.

I will say this however, I love that they have a voluntary disclosure on their package about the shared facility. Each time I see a disclosure like this, I can’t help but smile.

My opinion aside, two of the kids seemed to enjoy the crackers. Here’s their reviews:

Kid Two: It tastes like a sweet potato fry. I like it.

Kid Three: It tastes like a normal sweet potato. I don’t know if I’d eat it, but it doesn’t taste weird or anything.

Kid Four: It’s too dry for me. I don’t like it.

My Final Thoughts

Don’t you love how short and sweet they kept the reviews today (lol)? In the end, it won’t be something that we would purchase because of the corn. We have a policy to keep those types of products out of the house as it’s safer for me. If corn isn’t an issue for you and you are a fan of sweet potato, these may be worth trying at least once.


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