Smart Sweets Gummy Worms & Cola Gummies Review

Smart Sweets Cola Gummies and Gummy Worms Sugar Free Candy by The Allergy Chef

We’re here reviewing another round of new products from Smart Sweets. This company has been on a roll, releasing new sugar free candy regularly. I will say however, the labels have been changing quite a bit between each product launch. If you already eat Smart Sweets, be sure to double check labels and ingredients when purchasing.

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Smart Sweets Candy Cola Gummies Review

Kid Two: These really smell like root beer! I would absolutely take these to the movies. They’re VERY soft and very good. It’s interesting because I normally don’t like cola but I do like these. I think the light ones taste better than the dark ones. I’m not sure if they’re different flavours, but they do taste different to me. (Note: he went on to describe to me that it had a “heavier” flavour)

Kid Three: These are super soft. I don’t know that I like the flavour though.

Kid Four: These smell weird to me. I don’t like them, and there’s a weird aftertaste. They are VERY soft though.

Smart Sweets Candy Gummy Worms Review

Kid Two: This one smells good. They’re hard, which I wasn’t expecting. At first, they’re low in flavour, as you chew them, it gets better. It doesn’t gush with flavour, but it’s more like a slow release. I’m finding that the slower I chew these, the more enjoyable they are.

Kid Three: I don’t think these have much flavour at all. Not for me. (Note: he likes some of their other products)

Kid Four: These are hard to chew for me. There’s lots of pressure involved. Not for me.

My Thoughts on Smart Sweets Candy

These results were VERY interesting to say the least. The Papa couldn’t sample since there’s coconut. However, I was shocked that Kid Two was the one who enjoyed these most. It’s usually Kid Three. Given his status as Mr. Low/No Sugar, treats like these are a must have. Somehow though, these missed the mark for us.

Kid Two in my opinion was the real hero today because his descriptions of the candy is rather detailed. If texture is something that’s super important to you, you may prefer other Smart Sweet products, such as the rings.

The nice thing is that Smart Sweets has a huge range of products for those who are looking for cane sugar free candies and gummies. These reviews below are more options the kids have weighed in on.

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