Quinn Grain Free Original Pretzel Chips Review

Quinn Grain Free Pretzel Chips

Pretzels are such a great snack to have on hand, and I’m personally happy to see a grain free option widely available now. In fact, we used these pretzels recently in our Gluten Free Pretzel Chicken Nuggets Recipe. The kids LOVED the chicken nuggets, so keep that in mind when you see what Kid Three has to say.

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These pretzels are featured in the Gluten Free Pretzel Chicken Nugget Recipe (Top 8 Free).

Quinn Grain Free Pretzel Chips Review

Kid Two: I love the taste of these pretzels, and the salt content. Some pretzels miss the salt mark but this one is really good. They harder than most pretzels I’ve tasted, though, I don’t mind.

*For reference, Kid Two loves salty things, and sometimes feels foods are under-salted whilst everyone disagrees with him*

Kid Three: I’m not really fond of pretzels in general… These do taste like regular pretzels, but they’re really hard. They’re too crunchy for me (The Papa chimed in and said this is what pretzels are like).

Kid Four: I like it. They’re salty and crunchy and they’re enjoyable. However, I’m also not a pretzel person. I’d eat these here and there if they were available.

The Papa: These are very similar to other crunchy pretzels I’ve had before… they’re like a standard pretzel. There is a slightly different aftertaste when compared to a regular pretzel. It’s not a wheat aftertaste, which is what I personally prefer. Definitely not bad.

If you can’t have wheat, these are a great alternative, and there’s the right amount of salt.

My Thoughts: I’m excited to see another pretzel option available. I’m also hopeful that these are truly corn free for those of you who need them (see their allergen details below).

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