Wilde Chicken Chips Review (Top 8 Allergy Free, Gluten Free)

Wilde Brand Chicken Chips by The Allergy Chef

Kid Two and I first discovered the Wilde Brand a couple of years ago at a trade show and he’s been hooked since. When they saw us share on Instagram, Wilde reached out to send Kid Two a very special package. Can I just tell you guys, when brands see my kids love something and want to send them a package, it just melts my heart.

For those who don’t know, the Wilde Brand of chips is chicken based, not potato based. If you like good marketing, check out their packages and their website. It’s a bit too edgy for me to type, but we always get a kick out of how bold they are. Also, they’re top 8 allergy free from top 8 free equipment.

Be sure to read to the end. Kids Two and Three discovered a new way to enjoy these chips and they crack me up.

Wilde Brand Chicken Chips Pink Salt

Kid Two: This is thin and crunchy. It tastes just like chicken! In a good way… like the crispy bits of air fried chicken that you give us. It’s a whole bag of the GOOD stuff. (note: I do this thing when there are legit crispy parts of chicken skin and hand it out like hidden treasure. The kids LOVE it)

Kid Three: It tastes like chicken. I love chicken skin and this is what this tastes like. This is amazing.

Wilde Brand Chicken Chips Vinegar

Kid Two: I like it. The vinegar is great. I don’t think they overdid it for my tastes. Interesting because vinegar can be an intense flavor and most intense flavors bother me. This one doesn’t bother me at all.

Kid Three: Too vinegary for me. I’ll pass on this flavor.

Wilde Brand Chicken Chips Nashville Hot Seasoned

Now, it’s only fair that you know, the kids don’t do well with spice. They were hesitatnt to even try this flavor, but I told them it’s only right 🙂

Kid Two: Way too spicy for me. I can’t even taste flavor. It’s like acid on my tongue. It’s HOT.

Kid Three: It burned my soul…

For those of you who love hot food, I think you’d enjoy this flavor. Wilde also makes a few more flavors that are all hot and spicy.

Wilde Brand Chicken Chips Chicken & Waffle

Kid Two: (eats a bunch) Amazing! (spoiler, this has been his go-to flavor since day one, which is why I saved it for last) I admit the Pink Salt tastes like chicken the most and this one tastes like maple. it’s also the sweetest. Only 1 gram of sugar! We were all surprised by this.

Kid Three: It does smell like syrup! Tastes like I’m eating maple syrup. Think my favorite was the Pink Salt flavor since it tastes the most like chicken. This one seems to have an extra texture the other chips don’t have.

And Then The Boys Surprised Me

Kid Three eats a stack of Pink Salt and Chicken & Waffle chips. Now THIS is chicken and waffles!! Kid Two had to try… I LOVE this combination!! So then the boys sat there eating stacks of chips with the combined flavors, arguing over who should be allowed to have more. Kid Two because they’re safe for him or Kid Three because he’s new to the brand.

Needless to say, I’ll be buying both flavors moving forward 🙂


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