Smart Sweets Holiday Edition Gummies Product Review

Smart Sweets Review by The Allergy Chef

I am personally a HUGE fan of Smart Sweets. Now, before I go further, I will say this: no product is perfect. There will always be someone who will have an issue with an ingredient in a product, and these are no different. I’ve seen some complaints, but personally, it doesn’t phase me. Here’s why: Smart Sweets are the only ones really making a difference in this particular market. Go ahead, look everywhere for gummy candy that’s allergy friendly AND refined sugar free. I’ll wait 🙂

But seriously, Smart Sweets has created a product line that we can give our Low/No Sugar Kid and it’s SO exciting. If that’s not enough, they also have a vegan product as well. Kid Two can’t have bovine gelatin, so their vegan line is something he can enjoy. YES… there’s a delicious treat that ALL of our kids can eat together. It actually never happens, unless I make it myself. And that dear friends is why I just love Smart Sweets so much. They’ve made something that kids and adults can enjoy together. A treat for the movie theater for those who normally would have nothing… You get the idea.

So what makes these holiday gummies different from their regular line? From what we can tell, it’s the shape of the gummies. We took some close up pictures for you (below) so you can see them in detail. The green gummies are shaped like Christmas trees, and the yellow gummies are shaped like snowmen. They’ve released both a standard version and a sour version of these gummies, however, not in the vegan line.

So What Did The Taster Have To Say?

First off, we were SO surprised when we saw the shapes. It was an awesome surprise.

The fruity gummies (red bag) has an interesting taste. The Christmas trees (green) taste like jello. They’re really good, but as I eat them, I can only think of store bought jello. The snowman (yellow) tastes like an actual gummy bear. It has its own unique flavor, and it’s really tasty.

The sour gummies (green bag) are not as sour as you’d think. I started with the Christmas tree (green gummy) and I felt it had a mild sour taste, yet still sour. It tastes a lot like the fruity bears but with sour sprinkles added on. After tasting the sour snowman (yellow) I’d have to say it’s the same. It tastes like the fruity version with a sour kick.

Overall, I like the red bag better (fruity) mainly because I’m not a huge sour fan. My final conclusion is that the Fruity (red bag) Snowmen are hands down the best of what I sampled today.

Smart Sweets Review by The Allergy Chef

Smart Sweets Review by The Allergy Chef

Smart Sweets Review by The Allergy Chef


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