Plant Based Dairy Free Milk Top 8 Free Reviews

Dairy Free Milk by The Allergy Chef

Do you have a trusted source of dairy free milk? If you’re new to dairy free living, it can be really overwhelming to choose a dairy free milk option. Today we’ll be showing you a review of nut free options. This special video review will be done by our dairy free kid only. We felt this was the most fair way to test the milks, as he has ZERO point of reference. He was born allergic to dairy and only knows dairy free milk. We may circle back in the future to have the others give it a go as well.

Is It Really Top 8 Free?

There are a couple of things to note. There is no such thing as top 8 free milk from a top 8 free facility. If you have severe allergies to lots of items and can’t have products made in a shared facility, you should seriously consider something like an Almond Cow or NutraMilk (affiliate link) for home use. They’re both awesome. You can also use the low tech nut milk bag option when you’re first starting out.

If you purchase any product from a company owned by Hain-Celestial (they own a lot…) they have a policy to disclose shared equipment on the label. It will read something like “may contain traces of…” So for example, the rice milk that’s sampled has HC as their parent company. The milk is made on top 8 free equipment in a facility that’s NOT top 8 free. You can call and they will tell you all the details. The key here is that the machinery is free from the top 8 allergens.

I could go on and on about facilities and food allergies, but I know we all have places to be. So, here’s our video review of dairy free milk that’s also nut and top 8 allergy “free”.

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