No Whey Chocolate Product Reviews

No Whey Chocolates by The Allergy Chef

A couple of years ago, we were first introduced to this brand by Stephanie at Turn it Teal. I am forever grateful that she shared the information because this is the only top 8 allergy free faux M&M candy on the market that we’re aware of. If you are in need of amazing and fun candy, this is a brand worth trying.

These candies are dairy free and soy free. Also vegan, and top 8 allergy free.

No Whey Chocolate Pea-Not Cups

Kid Two: It tastes like what I’d imagine a chocolate peanut butter cup tastes like, except with sunflower seed butter.
Kid Three: I really like their taste, including the sunflower seed butter because together they’re perfect. The seed butter goes well with the chocolate. The texture is smooth, just like what chocolate should be, especially when there’s something on the inside. I’s eat a couple of packages, but not a whole box because I get tired of sunflower seed butter after a while.
Kid Four: (seemed pleased whilst chewing) Tastes like a Recee’s Peanut Butter Cup, but with sunflower seed butter instead. I like the chocolate. In fact, this may be better than peanut butter cups. The seed butter tastes really good.

No Whey Chocolate No-Nos

The Papa: You can taste more of the chocolate than you can of a “major brand”. You taste less of the chemicals and colors too. You almost don’t notice the candy coating because these are larger than the competition and they have a higher chocolate ratio. The color is natural so these don’t have the same chemical taste as the competition. They are less than perfect when it comes to form/shape whereas the competition is very perfect. Varied is a better word. The chocolate is as good if not better than the “major brand”. (I thought it was funny that he didn’t want to say the name of the major brand, but the kids were fine saying it).
Kid Two: These are like giant chocolate chips but creamier and a little less stiff. I like it… they get my approval.
Kid Three: It’s a very hard crunchy, and it tastes very milky (even though there’s no milk). I do like the chocolate they used, and would happily eat a box.
Kid Four: It tastes like an M&M candy. This has a nice crunch on the outside, good chocolate flavor, and it’s creamy.

No Whey Chocolate Polar White Chocolate Bar

The Papa: A fresh white chocolate candy bar. Very smooth. Its not bad at all. No bad aftertaste.
Kid Two: This tastes so similar to the regular chocolate No-Nos but in bar form. Its amazing and I love it. Has a nice crunch to it too.
Kid Three: Very smooth like cacao butter. WOW. It’s extremely sweet and really melts in your mouth. It dissipates on my tongue as I chew it. It tastes milky, but like an average white chocolate… yet sweeter, so better? I may prefer one of the other chocolates. At most, I’d eat 10 of these bars.
Kid Four: This doesn’t taste like milk chocolate. Doesn’t taste like average white chocolate either. Has a good sweet flavor to it. I really like it.

No Whey Chocolate Candy Bar

Kid Two: It tastes like a chocolate caramel bar. I enjoyed it. The inside is kind of gummy
Kid Three: It’s not bad. A bit too chewy for me. It’s like chocolate and gummy bears eaten together.
Kid Four: I don’t like this at all.

No Whey Chocolate Pea-Not Butter No-Nos

Kid Two: These have the perfect blend of chocolate and sunflower seed butter. I can even taste the salt. I like these.
Kid Three: These have the crunchiness of the No-Nos with the taste of the Pea-Not Butter Cups.
Kid Four: These have the same crunchy texture as the regular No-Nos.

No Whey Chocolate Peppermint No-Nos

The Papa: The first thing you notice is the pleasant minty taste. These candies are a great size. Contains the right amount of chocolate and mint. The candy coating does not have the chemical taste of the other “major brand”. I could eat them at a movie theater.
Kid Two: My taste-buds are very sensitive to mint. These are very good, and I feel like it has the right amount of mint for a bite like this. I think I like these better than the original.
Kid Three: These taste like mint chocolate. Pretty good, and my favorite so far.
Kid Four: Mmmmmm that IS good.

No Whey Chocolate Soft Baked Cookies

The Papa: He asked what it was free from… A splendid tale on a soft baked chocolate cookie for those who need top 8 allergy free and pre-packaged. The cookie isn’t bad. If I had a choice between that and the major competition I’d go with the latter. It’s more like a chocolate cookie bar and on the dense side. Our bakery cookie directly competes with major brands. This one is close, but not competition yet. If ours isn’t available, this would be an OK substitute.
Kid Two: These taste like Rule Breakers! (he loves those) This is by far their best product ever. It’s almost like it’s the same recipe as Rule Breakers (it’s no). It has the same properties as RB, breaks apart the same, and WOW. This is good!
Kid Four: This is so smooth when biting into it. I don’t remember what, but I had something similar recently… it tastes really good and I think I like it better than Rule Breakers. This has a nice sweet flavor and the chocolate is well done.

No Whey Chocolate Heart Pop

Kid Two: Best. Chocolate. Ever. It’s so rich in flavor, and reminds me of Enjoy Life chocolates. WOW.
Kid Three: This is a delightful treat.
Kid Four: Mmmmmm. This is very good and delicious.

Overall Ratings

Kid Two: The cookie and the heart chocolate tie for first place. This was a very tough decision.
Kid Three: The peppermint candies were my favorite.
Kid Four: The cookie was her favorite.


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