Plant Based Dairy Free Milk Options, Nut Based Reviews

Dairy Free Milk by The Allergy Chef

Hopefully you all had a chance to look at the top 8 free version of plant based milks. Today we’ll be reviewing dairy free milk that does contain nuts. Like the other options, we’re reviewing unsweetened milks, as that is what we would purchase. We’ve also had our dairy free kid do all of the reviews. We feel this is most fair as he’s the only person with ZERO point of reference.

If you can have nuts, there are a lot of dairy free milk options available to you. Additionally, nuts add a beautiful body to cream sauces and ice creams (especially cashew) that you won’t find in the nut free range. That doesn’t mean you can’t create body with substitution (because you can), it will require more ingredients and fine tuning.

After watching this video, I encourage you all to review dairy free milk at home if you’re living dairy free. This can be an especially fun activity for dairy free kids. While it will set you back at least $25, it’s worth the investment. The sampling process will allow you to see what you like and don’t like.

Also, one last note. We’ve been advised that the coconut milk is not awesome for drinking but epic for baking. A good friend of ours cracked up when they found out we had Kid Two drink it straight, unsweetened. oops.

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