Simple Mills Sweet Thins Review: Honey Cinnamon & Chocolate Brownie

Simple Mills Sweet Thins by The Allergy Chef

Today we’re sharing our video review of Simple Mills new product called Sweet Thins. There’s another flavour available, but it’s not sold in our area. So for today, we’ll be sampling the Chocolate Brownie Sweet Thins and the Honey Cinnamon Sweet Thins.

Simple Mills has made an interesting use of watermelon seeds in my opinion, and it’s important to note these contain cashew.

On the Simple Mills website, under the FAQ, you can find their allergen information. It’s broken down by product and equipment. They do make the corn free claim on this package like their other products. Personally, I can’t vouch for them due to the use of ingredients I can’t have. When talking with them, they’re pretty convinced that their products are truly corn free.

If you’re looking for a graham cracker replacement, the honey cinnamon flavour could be what you need. Alternatively, this grain free graham cracker recipe that’s also truly corn free might set you free.


Chocolate Brownie Ingredients

Simple Mills Chocolate Brownie Sweet Thins Ingredients by The Allergy Chef

Honey Cinnamon Ingredients

Simple Mills Honey Cinnamon Sweet Thins Ingredients by The Allergy Chef


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