Nada Moo Dairy Free Ice Cream Product Reviews: Banana & Stardust

Nada Moo Ice Cream Pints

I’m really excited to share this Nada Moo Dairy Free Ice Cream product review with you today. This Nada Moo ice cream was another find at my accidental trip to Sprouts somewhat recently. Of course, now that I’m writing this review, it’s reminding me I should go back and see what other treasure awaits me.

If there’s one thing that food allergy families can all understand and have sympathy for, it’s the trips to multiple grocery stores to make sure you have access to all the specialty products your household requires. On a bad day, I can go to six different stores. SIX… Perhaps I continue to forget about Sprouts in our area because subconsciously I can’t handle a seventh. However, after you read today’s reviews, you’ll see why lucky number seven needs to be a thing in our house.

If you’re not familiar with the Nada Moo Brand, get to know them. Their dairy free ice cream is coconut based, and our kids generally love every flavor they’ve ever tried from this brand.

Nada Moo Banana Caramel Crunch Ice Cream

Kid Two: The ice cream is 8 or 9/10. Although the banana flavor is synthetic, the caramel and the crunch aspect of the ice cream is perfect. Finding the crunchy part of the ice cream is like playing on the claw machine game. However, when I do find the chunks, they remind me of cookie dough.

Kid Three: This ice cream is very good. It’s creamy and smooth. There’s very little crunch though. I love the banana taste throughout the ice cream, and there’s a perfect amount of caramel.

Kid Four: The ice cream is nice, and I like the texture. I agree with Kid Two, there is a synthetic taste. Still though, I do like the banana flavor. Personally, I didn’t really taste the caramel.

Nada Moo Ice Cream Pints

Nada Moo Marshmallow Stardust Ice Cream

We were all SURPRISED by the purple color in this ice cream. Note, it does contain both coconut and soy.

Kid Two: WOW! He went on to add that the color in the ice cream helped him feel normal because he sees other people eating “complicated” ice cream all the time.

When he said that, I had serious mixed feelings. Part of me felt like I had failed him. Even though I try really hard to provide each of the kids with what they need, and keep them safe, and try to make it delicious, I had no idea that he didn’t feel normal because he hadn’t had ice cream with fun colors. It was wonderful because he had a normal feeling, but still caused me to stop and reflect. I share my inner thoughts on this in the hopes that it helps someone else out there reading this. Sometimes we can give our all, and while our kids appreciate it, it’s still not the same.

Kid Three: This is my favorite flavor! I love and adore marshmallow, and I like how smooth they are in this ice cream. They’re also chewy, and they melt in your mouth, and they’re puffy… can I have another bite?

Kid Four: It’s beautiful and delicious! Serious, this ice cream is so nice and creamy. She also wants you all to know that she loves the Daiya ice cream above all other allergy friendly options, until right now. She says that currently her top 3 choices are our homemade avocado ice cream, this Nada Moo Stardust ice cream, and the Daiya ice cream bars we recently reviewed.


2 thoughts on “Nada Moo Dairy Free Ice Cream Product Reviews: Banana & Stardust

  1. I love these product reviews. Nadamoo has a really yummy birthday cake flavor and the vanilla is yummy too 🙂

    1. So happy you enjoy them!! Of course, now we need to purchase birthday cake flavor next 🙂

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