Daiya Dairy Free Ice Cream Bars Product Review

Daiya Ice Cream Bars

After listening to the kids ohuu and ahhh over these Daiya ice cream bars, I’m thinking I may give up on making homemade ice cream. Well, for the kids at least. They have unanimously decided that between these Daiya ice cream bars and Nada Moo pints, they have the best ice cream they could ever ask for (until the next sampling, hehe). They have a tendency to do that, everything is awesome (unless it’s not) and their new favorite, until next week. I’m pretty sure that’s a universal trait of all individuals under the age of 19. Scratch that… I’m guilty too.

These bars are dairy free, and contain coconut. Today’s review is a little lengthy, so I’ll give you the short of the long first: they were a hit.

Classic Vanilla Bean

Kid Two: Best. Popsicle. EVER.

Kid Three: I love the chocolate. The crunch is perfect and it doesn’t fall apart. I also like that it doesn’t melt quickly, so you have time to enjoy it.

Kid Four: This is my FAVORITE! It’s not too coconutty, and the sweetness is perfect. This was SO good.

Daiya Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Bar

Espresso Coffee

Kid Two: Wow! I love the chocolate and coffee mix. It’s not too coffee-flavored which I like, as I’m not a huge coffee fan. But I seriously love this. I can personally taste the 13g of sugar, but it’s not over sugary.  I also really like the chocolate drizzle. It gives the bar a festive look.

Kid Three: This is a bit intense for me, but not in a bad way. I really like this flavor. It’s not very sweet, but it is delicious. Also, the texture is rather smooth. I’m wondering, would this taste really good when totally melted and mixed together?

Kid Four: mmmmmmmmmmm. I love this flavor. It’s smooth all the way thru. I really like this brand.

Daiya Espresso Coffee Ice Cream Bar

Salted Caramel Swirl

Kid Two: *eyes roll* This. Is. GOOD. The sweetness, it’s amazing. It’s like having sugar on my tongue. This. Is. Amazing. This is truly goof. I think this is the best Daiya ice cream I’ve had in a while. In fact, this may be my new favorite flavor. I don’t agree with Kid Three. This one blows away the Classic Vanilla.

Kid Three: I don’t like this caramel flavor. My favorite was the Classic Vanilla Bean for sure.

Kid Four: This Daiya ice cream bar is nice and sweet. The texture is nice and smooth on both the chocolate coating, and the ice cream inside. I also really like how soft it is. She then declared that she LOVES the Daiya ice bars.

Daiya Salted Caramel Ice Cream Bars

Final Thoughts:

Around here, we have a bit of a joke when sampling products. I’ll ask the kids if they’d be willing to eat a case of it, if I brought it home tomorrow. It stems from when they were younger, would tell me how much they enjoyed a [safe] product, and I’d proceed to buy a case. Kid Three (almost always him) would then declare he no longer wanted said product. Over the years, I’ve learned that the kids exaggerate sometimes when telling me about a product, so I have to ask them very drastic questions to make sure I’m getting it right.

I said ALL of that to say this: they’ve agreed to eat TEN cases if I buy them. They’re even willing to help pay for said cases. So there you have it, clearly these ice cream bars are real winners.


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