Jo-Jé Snack Bar Product Reviews

Jo-Je Bars

We first stumbled upon the Jo-Jé brand about 2 years ago in Southern California. Sadly, these aren’t available everywhere we shop, so I have to make sure to stock up when we’re down south, or remember to purchase them online (spoiler, I don’t). Jo-Jé bars are very nutrient dense, and I’m guessing designed for athletes and highly active people (as per their advertising materials). They offer a wide range of flavors, however, each bar contains at least 1 of the major 8 allergens. We mainly purchase these bars for Kid Two, as the sugar content (and coconut) can be a bit for Kid Three.

Jo-Jé Pancakes & Bacon Bar

Kid Two: This bar really DOES taste like maple pancake with bacon. It’s like the flavors are mashed and cemented into a bar. it melts in your mouth and the flavors explode in your mouth. This bar is just THE BEST thing and I’d buy containers of these… yes it’s that good. Actually, I’d buy the factory.

Kid Three: Smells like really good syrupy pancakes. It actually tastes like I’m eating a stack of pancakes with too much syrup. While I like it, I wouldn’t eat it regularly. (Later he shared that the bar is almost too moist, but couldn’t quite describe it).

Kid Four: It smells like bacon pancakes… It tastes like bacon pancakes. Seems like there’s bacon bits in this bar. I like it.

Jo-Jé Apple Walnut Bar

Kid Two: This bar tastes like apple pie. Honestly, there’s not much else to say. Also, I should add, the bar is kind of crumbly. This is my second favorite Jo-Jé bar flavor. (For reference, he has sampled a lot of their flavors in the past)

Kid Three: It tastes like an apple pie muffin in a good way, but I don’t like the aftertaste. This isn’t for me.

Kid Four: Interesting. This smells like banana bread. It does taste good. It tastes like apple bread. It’s a nice soft bar, but chewy in a weird way, and harder than banana bread.


Jo-Je Maple Pancake Bacon Bar

Jo-Je Apple Walnut Bar


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