Food Allergy Help 101: Back to School

Food Allergy Help 101: Back to School

Join us for a FREE email mini-course, Food Allergy Help 101: Back to School. You’ll receive tips, resources, recipes, and more. Sending kids (and adults) back to school can be a real challenge where food allergies and special diets are concerned. It can be especially difficult if this is your first time sending a kiddo off to school, or if you’re dealing with someone who is newly diagnosed.

Parents who are new to all of this often ask how to send a kid with food allergies to school. The answer: carefully.

In this free mini e-course, we cover:

  • 504 Plans
  • Effective Communication
  • Anxiety, Bullying, Depression, Stress
  • Emergency Planning
  • Reading Food Labels
  • Snacks & Lunches
  • & More

This course also includes our visual inspiration guide: 25 Gluten Free & Allergy Friendly Breakfasts

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