Holiday Drink & Egg Nog Review

Holiday Drinks by The Allergy Chef

It’s that time of year again! Christmas decorations are out and holiday drinks like egg nog are everywhere. Trouble is, where do you start? If you’re new to food allergies, or new to egg nog, we’ve got you covered with this egg nog review. This year we scooped up both dairy and non-dairy holiday drinks to sample and report on. The Papa did all of the dairy based egg nog reviews for you, and Kid Two did all of the non-dairy holiday drinks and egg nog reviews. It’s important to note that Kid Two has never had dairy based egg nog or other dairy based holiday drinks. He has no point of reference, and his review will reflect that. We had The Papa sample the non-dairy drinks too, and well, you can read what happened.

This season we’re comparing several plant-based milk types, as well as flavors. There are a few more that will pop up on the market after this review has been published, and you should feel brave and give them a go.

No allergy status for this review, as it’s a mixed assortment of products. Up First, All of the Dairy Free Drinks
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