Gluten Free Bread Review

Gluten Free Bread by The Allergy Chef

Good Gluten Free Bread… It’s like a unicorn. People are sure that it exists but have no idea where to find it. Others insist that anyone who has found it is crazy. Oh the gluten free world we live in. There are 8 brands that produce gluten free bread made on wheat free equipment. You can learn all about them in our new Gluten Free & Allergy Friendly Guide.

The breads we sampled were what’s available in our area. I also avoided bread that I simply wouldn’t purchase sue to ingredients. Some of the bread we ended up with I was a bit uncomfortable with because of the ingredients.

2020 Update:

Since writing this article, Raised Gluten Free has released a gluten free allergy friendly bread that the kids LOVE. Kid Four said she’d eat it instead of standard bread. Additionally, we’ve created several bread recipes that the kids enjoy more than store-bought bread.

Baseline Sample Review (Dave’s Killer Bread)

For a baseline, we asked our kids who can have wheat to first sample Dave’s Killer Bread, White Done Right. For some of you, you have received your diagnosis well into your wheat eating life. Our wheat allergic kid was diagnosed rather young, so he has no point of reference.

Kid Three: Tastes like average run of the mill bread. It’s kind of dry, but not too dry (just a little dry), very easy to chew, and it kind of melts in your mouth a little because it squishes down. This bread has a bit of a weird taste (he says that all bread has this taste, i suspect the yeast).

Kid Four: Really good. It tastes like bread… light and fluffy.

Canyon Bakehouse Mountain White Bread (contains egg)

Kid Three: This smells oddly of scrambled eggs. Immediately the crust is very… it has a really interesting texture. I like the texture of the crust. It’s grainy? Kind of melts in your mouth. The bread is pretty dry, but not crusty, just dry. If it weren’t for the texture, i might like this better than Dave’s. The white part of the bread (not crust) is like the crust but not as dry.

Kid Four: This smells like bread with tuna on it. They’re really close to Dave’s. It tastes really good. The texture is… it’s light and fluffy with a bit of density, so it’s hard to describe.

Base Culture Paleo Bread (contains allergens)

Kid Three: This bread smells funny (different funny from Dave’s). This is more like a banana bread based on feel. Our regular bread is light and fluffy, where this one is not. It’s kind of moist (shaking head no as he chews, I don’t think he’s a fan) Tastes oddly sweet, but weird, almost like bad chocolate bread.

Kid Four: This bread is dense, and it tastes better than Dave’s. It’s sweeter, but I don’t want you to buy it because it’s smaller. It tastes like it has nuts in it. The more i eat it… it’s too nutty, but maybe it would be better with something and I would like it longer.

Rudi’s Gluten Free Bread (contains allergens)

Kid Three: This bread feels very dry like it’s draining the liquid from my fingers. The slices stick together which is a little abnormal i think. It smells like the cookie part of the corn free tarts that we made. Yeah, too dry to eat, but has a good flavor.

Kid Four: This bread smells like dessert. It kind of falls apart in your mouth and it’s really dry. It has a good flavor though.

Happy Camper’s Gluten Free Bread

Kid Two: This bread is not soft and spongy like what the others look like (remember, he can’t eat the others). It doesn’t look as soft as the others and it’s dry and it does crumb up, and the crust separates from the main bread.

For reference, this is the bread he usually eats because I’m happy with the ingredients. It was so interesting to hear him critically discuss his bread.

Kid Three: This bread smells like raisin bread. It smells oddly cold… the smell makes me uncomfortable… The main part is very dry. It doesn’t really have a taste, but it has the remnants of raisin bread for some reason, almost like an after taste.

Kid Four: This bread doesn’t have a lot of flavor and it has a bitter aftertaste and it’s really dry. It falls apart in the mouth a lot in a crummy/crumbly way.

Energ Gluten Free Bread

Kid Two: I think this bread looks like a science experiment. (takes a bite) I regret giving Kid Three a big piece. I think I like this bread… I do like the taste. It does break apart easier than normal. Part of the bread is a little soggy, almost like condensation, but overall, it’s good.

Kid Three: This bread is very smooth in a scientific way. It does taste better than Dave’s. It has a lot of flavor. If i were a duck, I’d prefer this one. Feed me bread…

Kid Four: It’s very dense in a good way. It tastes like a sour bread.. and tastes kind of flour-y. This bread has a lot of flavor.

B-Free Gluten Free Bread

Kid Two: It smells pretty bad. It’s OK. I don’t know if I’d eat it every day, but it is OK.

Kid Three: The crust is average, it does have kind of a dry aftertaste. At first it’s not dry but then it is. It also has a raw egg aftertaste… weird.

Kid Four: It’s dry and smells really bad. I don’t like it. This bread has a weird funky aftertaste.

My No Sampling Two Cents: This is one of the few top 8 allergy free breads on the market. I will always love this company for what they’re trying to do. They offer quite a range of products, so don’t let the kids scare you off.

Flax For Life Gluten Free Bread

I almost don’t want to tell you what these three had to say about this bread. It was awful, like watching bread at an execution. Let’s just say terms such as ear wax and black licorice were thrown around… Bottom line, they did NOT like this bread.

My no-sampling guess is that it’s a very adult flavored bread… for those who want to eat better/healthier.

Final Thoughts

The truth is, there’s no one size fits all when it comes to gluten free bread. Some of you will be limited by other allergies such as egg or dairy. For you, there are only a couple of commercial options. Some will be limited by a special diet such as Paleo. For you guys, there are only a couple of commercial options as well.

We’ve found that homemade gluten free bread is honestly the best option. You can tailor individual ingredients to meet your needs, and try new toppings etc. at the same time. We’ve shared one of our bread recipes in our Corn Free Cookbook (gluten free and top 8 allergy free). One of these days we’ll get around to sharing our bread recipe that the kids absolutely love.

Until then, good luck finding your unicorn.

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