IG Story Replay: FDA Label Change Followup

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Today we’re sharing more critical information for those of you with food allergies who rely on accurate labels. During the pandemic, the US FDA has relaxed the food label law, and this can effect you, especially if you have allergies outside of the top 8 allergens. The United States isn’t the only country doing this, so make sure you’re purchasing safe food EACH time. We are encouraging people to stock up if financially possible.

We’re also sharing brands we deem to be trustworthy: Zego Foods, Rustic Scoop, Partake Foods, Otto’s Naturals. These were some of the first brands to announce they would keep their labels accurate.

Please continue to share this information with people you know. This is one way we can ALL advocate for our community. You can also voice your opinion now that the FDA has opened this up for public comment. The more people who leave a comment, the better things can be for our community.

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