Forager Organic Grain Free O’s Cereal Review (Three Flavors)

Forager Organic Grain Free O's

I spotted Forager cereal in the store recently and thought it would be great for the kids to review. Full disclosure: I’m bummed about the equipment. I messaged Forager on their website (no phone number provided) and they messaged me back two weeks later. The email was so precise though and I appreciate the transparency. The Forager Grain Free Cereal is made by a co-packer and whilst there are no major allergens in the product, milk and soy are on the equipment. Wheat is also in the facility. If nothing else, the good news was learning about the other products they make as well, some of which we will try.

Before we jump in, you’ll notice notes from Kid Two. He is an adult and we allow him to choose what he would like to sample based on allergen status. He wanted to have a very small amount of these so he could be part of the review. THIS is what I mean when I talk about informed consent by the way. He knows the risk, he knows the company, he chooses.

Forager Organic Grain Free O’s ~ Plain

Kid Two: At first, there’s a sweet taste, then there’s a little weird after or middle taste. I taste the flour… it tastes good for a first bite. (I asked if it would be better with his safe milk.) Milk may take away the sweetness and it will be just the flour taste.

Kid Three: This cereal reminds me of dried churros. At first i didn’t like it, but then I had some water, then enjoyed the cereal. (he thinks he needed to cleanse his palette first)

Kid Four: It’s confusing. (she ate several pieces as she thought about it) It’s sweet, but then it tastes like flour, then I get confused so I eat another piece and the cycle of confusion continues. Yet… I keep eating them.

The Papa: I agree with Kid Four. These are a bit confusing.

Forager Organic Grain Free O’s ~ Cinnamon

Kid Two: Pretty good so far…

Kid Three: I love it. The cinnamon is making my eyes water but I’m still going to eat it. (He didn’t want to share the box). it’s like cinnamon candy. No. Churro!

Kid Four: Cinnamon, toast crunch! It tastes good but has an aftertaste of flour (bean based).

The Papa: This cereal would probably taste better with milk.

Forager Organic Grain Free O’s ~ Chocolate

Kid Two: (he and I think this smells like chocolate cake) I don’t like this one. Cinnamon was much better.

Kid Three: I like it, but not as much as the plain and cinnamon. I liked those two almost the same.

Kid Four: Not my favorite… cinnamon was the best flavor.

The Papa: This one could also be better with milk.

My Thoughts

There was a CLEAR winner here today: Cinnamon. I will absolutely be purchasing this for Kid Three & Kid Four. As we all know, they’re finicky when it comes to grain free, so it will be nice to have a new cereal option for them.

I will add this last little tid-bit. If you’ve followed us for some time, you may have heard me talk about my dream of free-from co-packers. THIS is exactly why we need them. The cereal itself is allergen free. It’s the equipment and the facility that are the issue for us.


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