IG Story Replay: What Is and Isn’t on Food Labels

Instagram Story Replay with The Allergy Chef

Hard truth: what’s on the label isn’t the whole story. There’s a lot not on the label: shared equipment, facility status, processing aides, and more. Buzz words won’t save you. Example: vegan on a label doesn’t mean vegan facility or vegan equipment.

A label also doesn’t tell you about the sourcing of each raw material. Some companies are better than others where this is concerned. Remember, buzz words are there to sell, not inform. As some of you know all too well: seeds, soy, corn are everywhere.

I want to add this note: we estimate about 30% of people with food allergies can NOT have food made on shared equipment with their allergen. This is why co-packers exist and it’s all common practice. If the numbers were the other way around, there would be more free-from facilities because products wouldn’t be selling.

RAISE lots of resources on reading labels and shopping for food as well as our Safe Product Guides.

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