Sweet Apricity Paleo and AIP Caramel Product Reviews

Sweet Apricity Caramels by The Allergy Chef

Recently, the fine folks at Sweet Apricity reached out to us to have us try their products. When I asked about the allergen status, they were super transparent with all the details. Their caramels are made in a shared facility with peanut products, but they don’t process the peanuts on site so there isn’t peanut dust all over. Additionally, they have separate belts for the equipment to reduce cross contamination. They also shared the details about their new product, how it’s made in a different facility, etc.

Basically, I just really like them. They are very allergy aware, and have a heart to serve as many in the community as possible. This is the time of year when products like these can be incredibly handy, so I’d encourage you all to try these at least once to see if it’s a good fit for you. FYI, these products are coconut based, and the marshmallows are not vegan. If you need vegan marshmallows, check out the Dandies review.

Sweet Apricity Caramels

Me: Tastes “burned” in a dark sort of way.
Kid Three: Definitely tasting some coffee. I think I like it. It grows on you. I like to suck on it.
Kid Four: Hmmm…. smells kind of gross and it tastes like coffee. I like it, but it doesn’t taste super good. I really like the texture of these.

Sweet Apricity Puffed Caramel Product

I’m going to save you all the sad reviews. I thought these smelled nice, but the kids tried them and didn’t like them one bit. Their faces… the noises… I think this has potential as a Cracker Jack type of substitute for people who can’t have that product.

Sweet Apricity Caramel Sauce

We all had a small sample and agreed that the sauce format tastes better than the caramel format. We also wanted to make ice cream right away and drizzle this on top. Kid Three thought it tasted very coco-nutty. It is a coconut based product…

Sweet Apricity Vanilla Marshmallow

Me: These feel SOO cool!
Kid Three: It doesn’t smell good in the bag, but it also doesn’t smell like anything by itself. I can taste the vanilla, but it’s feeling a little pumpkiny. It reminds me od a rice crispy treat.
Kid Four: Mmmmm. I like it. This is delicious… (eats more) That is SO good. I really like it!!

Sweet Apricity Boo Bite Marshmallow

Kid Three: It smells like the first one, but with raisins added. Also, it feels like a squishy toy. Kind of tastes like vanilla.
Kid Four: I like the color of this marshmallow. (takes a bite) It’s SO good.

Sweet Apricity Pumpkin Marshmallow

Me: WOW, these smell amazing. I think The Papa would have enjoyed this flavor.
Kid Three: I don’t-not like this, but I prefer the other flavors over this one. It’s good, but it’s not the best.
Kid Four: All of the marshmallow flavors have the same softness/squishiness. This flavor is not as soft as the others, I think it has to do with the seasonings. The seasonings are kind of overpowering, but I don’t think there’s much they can do about it

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I love that this company makes, and if I were a candy person, I’d totally eat these. This was one of the few times when Kid Four didn’t say “I don’t like it” to just about everything. That meant the world to me. I will be purchasing the marshmallows for Kid Three and Kid Four to enjoy in the future.


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