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Enjoy Life is one of the biggest names in the food allergy and special diet world, and it’s always exciting to see what’s new from them. At the recent GFAF Expo, I picked up some new items, as well as some items that have been around for ages, for the kids to review. Currently Enjoy Life is promoting their new Breakfast Oval line. I’ve been hearing nothing but good things about them from other food bloggers, and was so excited when the kids tried them for the first time.

Before we continue, if you’re new to Enjoy Life, please note that while the products are top 8 allergy free, the facilities are not. They’ve redone their packaging and there disclosures one all of their products. If you have further questions about raw materials etc., call or email Enjoy Life directly.

Enjoy Life Plentils, Garlic Parmesan

Kid 3: I don’t like them standalone. However, they’re good when dipped in avocado.
Kid 4: These are REALLY good!

Enjoy Life Breakfast Oval, Berry Medley

Kid 2 & Kid 3: I love this Oval. Very delicious.
Kid 4: This is realllllly good!! (She was very excited when telling me)

Enjoy Life Breakfast Oval, Maple Fig

Kid 3: It’s OK, but I really don’t like it. I enjoyed the flavor, but it’s the texture I don’t like. I like that it reminds me of a cinnamon graham cracker, but I don’t like how it’s somewhat goopy and sticks to my throat.
Kid 4: (Her eyes went huge as she took the first bite) That’s REALLY good! However, she then shared that she didn’t like the aftertaste.

Enjoy Life Protein Bite, Dark Raspberry

Kid 2: It’s really good.
Kid 3: At first I like it, but it’s not as good long term. It also seems very hard to me.
Kid 4: It’s so good!! It tastes like what you think it should based on the name. It seems to have a cookie dough surprise in the middle. She then went on to hog all the samples, and tried to explain why no one else should be allowed to have any. This one is clearly a winner in her book.

Enjoy Life Lemon Blueberry Snack Bar

Kid 3: He didn’t like the smell and refused to take a bite. I pushed him to, you know, because it’s what we do. He took a very small bite and said that the flavor was wrong for him personally.
Kid 4: I don’t like it. Normally I enjoy lemons, but the flavor blending in this bar doesn’t work for me. There could be too much blueberry, not sure. I do think there are people out there who would really enjoy it though.

Enjoy Life Snickerdoodle Mini Cookies

This was the most interesting review. You should know that the kids have all eaten the regular sized soft baked cookies produced by Enjoy Life. They all agreed that they liked the mini version, but… They all agreed these minis were super chewy, almost gummy. They were expecting light and fluffy. While the flavor is amazing, they were thrown off a bit by the texture, and said they would enjoy these a lot more if they were less chewy.


Enjoy Life Products


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