An Introduction to the Vegan Diet

What Do Vegans Eliminate?

People following a vegan diet eliminate ALL animal based products including items derived from insects such as bees or crickets.

Vegans are Egg Free, Dairy Free, Bee & Honey Free, Insect Free, and Free From Animal & Fish Flesh (and products derived from them).

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Who Follows a Vegan Diet?

Some people choose to follow a vegan diet for ethical reasons. In today’s world where factory farming is never-ending, some people can’t support that type of animal breeding. Others purchase sustainable proteins etc., but it’s not for everyone.

People who are dairy and egg free overlap with a vegan diet.

If you have a tick-based meat allergy or Alpha-Gal, you also overlap with a vegan diet.

Anyone who is severely allergic to corn will find it difficult to find truly corn free meat (unless they raise it themselves) and will eat a mostly vegan diet.

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Why Does RAISE Support The Vegan Diet?

We choose to develop vegan recipes that are also free from major allergens. It’s important to remember that wheat/gluten, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, coconut, corn, seeds, and more are all vegan. We mindfully create recipes that omit major allergens to ensure everyone has something safe and delicious to eat.

Are Vegan Products Safe To Purchase If You Have Allergies?

That depends. Let’s say you can handle trace amounts of allergens and shared equipment is OK. Then yes, vegan products would be safe for you to purchase, as long as your allergen isn’t one of the ingredients.

Anyone with a severe allergy (who overlaps with the vegan diet) will still need to make phone calls before trying new products. We’ve found that many vegan companies are not allergy-focused companies.

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Vegan Is Not The Same As…

You may be familiar with terms like Vegetarian and Pescatarian. These are not the same as vegan. Vegetarians consume eggs, dairy, and honey. They only avoid animal flesh (such as chicken and beef). Pescatarians consume fish whilst eliminating the flesh of land-based animals.

Nutrition & A Vegan Diet

Warning, this may be hard for some to read.

If you have multiple food allergies, and choose to be vegan, it may not be a choice you can afford to make. This is especially true if you’re managing a child with food allergies.

People who are vegan-only still consume a wide range of nutrients (assuming they aren’t junk food vegans). Let’s say someone is allergic to wheat, egg, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, and beans. If that person were to then opt for a vegan diet, they would be removing SO MANY critical nutrients they won’t be able to replace thru food. Additionally, they will find it hard to purchase quality vitamins that meet all of their needs.

B12 is the one nutrient you can not consume naturally on a vegan diet, and it must be supplemented.

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I’ve Read/Heard That A Vegan Diet is Healthier

I’m rather familiar with the articles and documentaries that claim a vegan diet is superior to a non-vegan diet. However, there are SO many pitfalls with the information that’s out there. Here are a few points to consider.

In areas where crops are incredibly hard to grow but animals graze well, people in those communities rely on animal products for survival.

If you take someone off of the Standard American Diet (SAD) and put them on a nutrient rich vegan diet, of course they will see improvements.

No two people are the same. We have a child that simply cannot consume a vegan diet. Her bio-individuality dictates that she consume animal products, especially beef.

Documentaries and articles (no matter what they’re promoting) are generally a collection of cherry picked facts suited for a particular narrative. Always do your homework.

Should You *Choose* To Go Vegan

If you’re able to make the choice safely to try a vegan diet, we suggest changing out one meal at a time. Start with 1 – 2 meals the first week, then gradually decrease the amount of animal products you consume.

Changing your diet in a full 180 way overnight can be a very difficult transition. If you ease into a major diet change, you may have better results in the long term. Remember, this is only true if you’re choosing vegan, rather than having a medical condition that overlaps with vegan.

Also, if you’re making this choice, really know where your food is coming from. If you’re against animal cruelty, research brands (and their parent companies) before making a purchase. Additionally, know if your food is co-packed on shared equipment with animal-based products.

There’s No Judgement Here

As long as your lifestyle is healthy, safe, and sustainable for you, we honestly have zero judgement about what you eat. You do you, we’ll do us, and we can all be friends.

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