Corn Allergy & Corn Free: A Brief Introduction

Getting Started with a Corn Allergy

As many of you know, The Allergy Chef has a severe corn allergy, along with many others. Through living this life, we have been able to put together invaluable resources for many people, including a very under-served community – those with a corn allergy. Unfortunately, the corn allergy diagnosis is on the rise, especially in children. With that in mind, here are tips and resources for getting started.

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RAISE Has Corn Free Perks

Before we dive in, as a RAISE Member, you have access to Corn Free Recipes, The Corn Free Safe Products Guide, and Corn Free Courses. You can also reach out to us via the Contact section if after reading through the materials you still have a question.

Check Out Our Corn Free Cookbook

Our Corn Free Cookbook (also Gluten Free and Top 8 Allergy Free) Is packed with recipes and resources to help you thrive when living with a corn allergy, and/or multiple food allergies. Kathlena, The Allergy Chef, is a severe corn allergic, giving us the unique ability to write a book that’s accurate. No corn derivatives, no xanthan gum, and all the details you need to enjoy life as a corn allergic.

This Article Will Cover

  • Corn Free Products You Can Purchase
  • How To Find Corn Free Foods
  • Corn Free Medical Information
  • Some Hidden Sources of Corn

Here are The Allergy Chef’s Personal Favorite Corn Free Products (she is unable to eat them all, but uses them in the home):

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