Ingredients In Our Kitchen

We are so glad that you’re here to cook, bake, and thrive with us. We want you to have the most success humanly possible when recreating what we show you. To aide in that, we’ve detailed (for the most part) every brand that is in our pantry. Why? Simple: in the free from world, no two ingredients are created equally.

Here’s a fun example for you. We went to visit another food allergy blogger who loves making oat tortillas. This whole time, I had assumed she was getting her flour from the same place as us. Turns out, she was making it herself (she’s so awesome like that). So we show up with our safe flour from home and get to cooking. I thought the tortillas turned out great. She was taken back because they had never come out like that before. The more we talked it thru like scientists, it all boiled down to the source of the oat flour.

It is entirely up to you whether or not you change over to the brands that we buy. We make purchases in bulk (because of the bakery) which takes a lot of the sting out of the pricing, and we know everyone can’t do that. We also know that some of you may have to substitute when we call for something we normally use.

You may find that common staples are missing on the list below. Due to the allergy status of our home, some products are simply not available to us.

This partially covers those of you who are corn free. Most of the items on this list are top 8 free and/or from top 8 free facilities. For more details on Top 8 Free and Corn Free, please view the Safe Products Lists.

For items that ARE corn free, we’ve put a ** next to it.

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