Valsoia Dairy Free Gelato “Ice Cream” Product Review

Valsoia Dairy Free Gelato by The Allergy Chef

Valsoia Gelato was a product find at Expo West last year. After returning home, I found them at one of the local Safeway grocery stores. We were told that the equipment was dairy free which is why we opted to give this a go.

Valsoia Gelato Salted Caramel Swirl

Kid Two: WOAH! It looks like a dumpling! This is creamy soft perfect vanilla-y caramel-y with flavor. It doesn’t match up with the picture with caramel vines (ribbon) he’s referring to the visual appearance. This is by far maybe one of my favorite ice creams ever… (So Delicious Soy Vanilla is his 10/10) this may be better than that one.

Kid Four: It tastes very Kid Two friendly. This ice cream has lots of bubbles in it. It does taste like caramel. I like it though.

Valsoia Gelato Vanilla

Kid Two: I love the designs of the ice cream (visual appearance). I don’t like this. I was expecting something that I’m use to, but this tastes way different. It tastes “good” but I’m not a fan of the flavor.

Kid Four: This ice cream tastes like pumpkin. Lemon? Lime? More lime, but not vanilla? I mean, there’s a little vanilla in it… you can kind of taste it. It tastes more like light lime than vanilla.

My Thoughts:

While we do have an ice cream machine, I don’t mind having another option to purchase to keep on hand. I was honestly shocked when Kid Two didn’t like the vanilla, and thought Kid Four was so diplomatic in her explanation.

I don’t make it to Safeway often (maybe once a year if I’m lucky), so I’ll be sure to purchase a few of these next time.


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