Everybody Eat Cracker Review (Gluten Free, Top 8 Free, Vegan)

Everybody Eat Crackers

Today we’re reviewing Everybody Eat cracker thins. The company reached out to us and offered to send them, so who was I to refuse. I’ve heard many people love the cheese-less thins. Now, I want to be SO clear and upfront today: focus on Kid Two’s review. Why? Because he’s the target customer. He has a severe dairy allergy and can’t have wheat. Finding food made on free-from equipment is a tall order once you have multiple allergies, and this company provides that.

While I was a bit sad that no one else enjoyed the crackers, I was still happy because when you see what Kid Two says, you’ll get it. It’s also important to add that he doesn’t have a point of reference for some items, such as cheese. It makes his review great because if you’re in a similar boat to him you can trust him. It also makes his review awful if you’re newly diagnosed and not a child. Adults with new hurdles are hard to please because the KNOW what the original tastes like.

I asked Everybody Eat about the equipment and facility. They confirmed that the equipment and facility are top 14 free. They do make a corn free claim on the label, but I have not investigated further. Should you choose to investigate, the brand has contact info on the bottom of their website and are very responsive on Instagram.

One last note about the company: their website is amazing. It was clearly designed with the food allergy community in mind.

Everybody Eat Sea Salt Chia Thins Review

Kid Two: I don’t think there’s enough salt. I’d prefer more salt, but I am chowing down on these because I like them. They could go well with salsa, even though I don’t personally eat salsa.

Kid Three: These don’t taste like anything… kind of like salt patches… i don’t like it. It’s almost like they sprinkled salt in one space on each cracker. (note: we’ve made crackers at home and he’s had crackers from other brands so I think he a strong point of reference on how crackers should be salted.)

Kid Four: I don’t like it.

Everybody Eat Chive & Garlic Thins Review

Kid Two: mmmm… I like this better than sea salt cracker. This tastes almost like I’m eating a pizza cracker. It tastes so good! Totally prefer this over salt.

Kid Three: It tastes like garlic, but not in a way I personally enjoy.

Kid Four: I don’t like it.

Everybody Eat Cheese-Less Thins Review

Kid Two: He loves them!! (it took a while to get an answer) Though they do kind of taste plain. I may like garlic cracker better. I do taste a little cheese, but it’s not powerful. Oh wait! i just got one with salt. That’s WAY better.

Kid Four: I don’t like it.

The Papa: It’s an attempt at Cheez-its but it falls short if you like Cheez-its.

Everybody Eat Fiery Lime Thins Review

Note: The kids do NOT handle spice well.

Kid Two: I wish I could, but no. Sorry. it hurts too much. My tongue is burning. (he then left to get water)

Kid Three: The texture reminds me of (Wilde) chicken chips. This flavor isn’t awful but it’s too spicy for me.

Kid Four: I don’t like it, but i do like the spiciness. It’s the texture of the chips I don’t like.

Final Thoughts

I’m so relieved that Kid Two enjoyed the product because in this case, that’s all that really mattered. He did say that the salt on the crackers was a bit inconsistent. Looks like I’ll be purchasing the garlic and cheese-less flavors for him in the future.


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