Goodio Chocolate Product Review Part 2

Goodio Chocolate Squares Review by The Allergy Chef

If you haven’t had a chance to read our first Goodio Chocolate Review, make sure you do. I personally love what Goodio is doing, and their products are vegan, gluten free, dairy free, and allergy friendly. Some products contain coconut and other tree nuts including cashews, so read labels carefully.

Most people who meet me don’t know that I have an IT degree and did a boat load of graphic design back in the day. What that means now is that when I see a stunning package, I take notice. Goodio has done an amazing job with their presentation and bar design, and if I could, I’d totally eat a bar or three.

As I mentioned in our last Goodio review, Jess from Seattle Dessert Geek was visiting and taught the kids about properly tasting chocolate and cacao. It means that their reviews are extra descriptive 🙂 Thanks Jess!

Goodio Pure Nacional

My First Impression: Feels SO interesting, and it smells amazing too!! I was also so impressed reading the story about the sourcing… this is rare chocolate folks. How cool is that?!
Kid Two: This chocolate is very bitter. I’m not sure if I like that, but what’s interesting is that the bitterness allows me to focus on the natural sweetness.
Kid Three: Too much for me to handle (he was unable to finish his sample)
Kid Four: I like it! It tastes like chocolate… like, really dark chocolate, but good.

Note: I was quite surprised by Kid Three because usually he likes all things chocolate. What was even more interesting was how much Kid Four enjoyed this chocolate.

Goodio Pure Nacional by The Allergy Chef

Goodio Wild Blueberry

My First Impression: The smell was very interesting.
Kid Two: Mmmm!!! I like this one even better than the Pure Nacional (even though it’s rare).
Kid Three: This one tastes better to me than the Pure Nacional, but I still think fruit in chocolate is a weird concept for me to support.
Kid Four: I think I like the Pure Nacional better. I don’t like fruits in my chocolate, like how I don’t like cinnamon sugar in my eggs (she was curious, so I let her learn the hard way).

Goodio Wild Blueberry by The Allergy Chef

Goodio Chai

This one is simple: none of the kids liked the Chai chocolate. It it important to note that they don’t consume chai products, so it was something completely new to them.

Goodio Chai by The Allergy Chef

Final Conclusion

I love the whole story behind Goodio, and would encourage you chocolate connoisseurs to try the Pure Nacional. The fact that it’s rare really resonated with all of us. There was something so special about that experience, and a HUGE thanks to Hanna who sent us home with gorgeous samples to try.


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