Late July Grain Free Tortilla Chips Review

Late July Grain Free Tortilla Chips by The Allergy Chef

Late July has released a few new grain free chips and crackers, and they seem to be available at a lot of retailers. We’ve tried to get in touch regarding their allergy status, and they have a “blanket policy” type of response if you call them on the phone. We’re waiting to see if they’ll write us back with more details…

Personally, I was rather excited to see this chip on the market because on the surface, this could absolutely be a corn free product. However, we can’t vouch for them and given their line of corn tortilla chips, I’d be wary. In fact, it took me months to get brave enough to sample 1 chip so I could be part of this review.

Kid Two: If we’re talking just the taste, I don’t like these chips. But! I do like the sea salt and I really like the crunch, and I also like the aftertaste. (I thought that last bit was very interesting.)

Kid Three: These remind me of corn tortilla chips. I think they’re pretty good. They would also taste great with a dip of some sort.

Kid Four: I don’t like it. It’s a texture thing for me.

The Papa: These are not as dense as a regular corn tortilla chip. It would also be delicious with cream cheese + salsa (something he use to eat a lot of back in the day). Honestly, I like it. It has a nice crunch. Standalone, it’s kind of pain but the salt gives it the umph it needs. With a dip… these would be AMAZING. Also, there’s no bad aftertaste.

I want to add, The Papa really doesn’t like most grain free “grains”. He dislikes cassava in most applications, and is on the fence about tiger nuts depending on how they’re used. The fact that he says they’s no bad aftertaste AND that he’d eat more says a LOT. For reference, as long as there’s no coconut, he can eat any chip on the market, so he’s the chip guy around here.

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