True Made Foods Sugar Free Ketchup Product Review

True Made Foods Sugar Free Ketchup

Ahhhhh! VICTORY!!! Stop what you’re doing and buy this ketchup. OK, I’m back. I’ve regained my composure and can tell you all the good and wonderful things about True Made Foods. First off, full disclosure, Vanessa gave us a bottle of her sugar free ketchup to try for free. Truth be told, I don’t know that I would have purchased it because we’ve been burned SO much by ketchup in the past.

Our kids (I’m sure like most out there) have finely tuned taste buds when it comes to ketchup. It’s simply something you don’t mess with. You get them into a good grove with a brand and you don’t poke the ketchup beast. Well, I’ve been poking the beast for years and wasting money because they only like the 365 Organic Ketchup from Whole Foods.

I’m seriously over the moon excited because we tried their NO SUGAR ketchup as compared to the Low Sugar option made by True Made Foods.

Here’s my thing about ketchup and other condiments:

I hate the sugar and long ingredient lists. Honestly, even the 365 Ketchup doesn’t make me happy, and we have to limit how much Kid Three (Mr. Low/No Sugar) gets in one setting. As a child, he was always offended by how far he had to stretch his ketchup while watching his siblings slather it on their food…

But NO MORE!! Dear friends, I am so excited and pleased to announce that literally after searching for TEN YEARS, we have a ketchup that is accepted by all, especially me (on principle, not taste, totally allergic to it). I’ll let the kids tell you their thoughts.

Kid Two: This is great!! <– yes, that’s all he had to say

Kid Three: I’d eat it. I like it. It tastes like ketchup. (Did you hear that?! It tastes LIKE ketchup, as in, no discernible difference from what he’s use to. Can you tell I’m excited??)

Kid Four: I think it needs a little more vinegar. I would happily eat this with a hotdog and fries.

The great news is, the kids did indeed eat this ketchup with burgers, fries, hotdogs, and anything else ketchup pairs well with. We ran out a few weeks ago, and they’ve been hounding me to buy more. In fact, just yesterday Kid Two asked me to “buy more of that new ketchup”.


Tomato Puree (Water, Tomato Paste), Apple, Vegetable Puree (Carrot, Butternut Squash, Spinach), Vinegar, Salt, Onion Powder, Allspice

Can you believe it?! For once, when a condiment company says no sugar added, they really mean it. No weird ingredients, no science experiment, just real food.

True Made Foods Sugar Free Ketchup


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