Quinn Filled Pretzels Review (Gluten Free, Dairy Free)

Quinn Filled Pretzels

Before we jump into today’s review, I *may* have a bone to pick with this company. On the back of the package, along with two other icons/badges, there’s an icon that says corn free. Yet, the ingredients most likely contain corn derivatives (I’ve reached out to them and waiting to hear back). As a severe corn allergic and food allergy person, I can’t stand it when packages and recipes are labeled like this (specific to corn). I feel that it’s misleading for those who are newly diagnosed… On to the review.


I did indeed reach out to Quinn, and their rep was UH-Mazeeee-ing. She was quick to answer everything that she could, and was honest that she would need to check on some things (which is always way better than an incorrect answer). Folks, for the first time EVER, a company that’s claimed corn free on their packaging, that also has questionable ingredients, has their information correct. Here’s what I learned directly from Quinn:

The xanthan gum in our pretzels is fermented from a substrate of wheat starch and soy starch.  Here is a statement concerning that process from the manufacturer: Soy and Wheat derivatives are used as substrates in the fermentation process, and are considered consumed during the manufacture. E.L.I.S.A. testing has confirmed no allergenic protein is detectable to a quantification limit for xanthan gum of 10 ppm (soy) and 5 ppm (wheat). RAST Inhibition Testing performed by FARRP at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln indicated no allergic reaction for wheat, soy, and egg in our xanthan.

Is the packaging biodegradable (containing corn)? No.
What is the vitamin E derived from? The Vitamin E in our pretzels is extracted from sunflower seeds.
Is the salt iodized? Does it contain anything else besides salt? Our topical salt–rock salt–does not contain any additives and no iodine is added.

I’m still waiting to hear back on the banana, but this is all quite promising. I’m not sure how I feel about the wheat and soy on the xanthan, BUT, it’s not corn 🙂

OK, On To The Review

Another note I really want to drive home: we have biased taste testers, so today, I’ve put their comments out of order. Kid Two has NO point of reference for wheat based pretzels or dairy based chocolates. His opinions, in my opinion, should be given a greater value. The others can all have wheat and dairy, and I know they’re comparing these snacks to items they’ve had before. While it’s great to know how these snacks would hold up next to traditional items, it’s also important to know how they hold up to someone who lives the life every single day.

Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels (Red Bag)

Contains: Peanuts, Potato Starch, Corn Derivatives

Kid Two: These look really cool. I can smell the peanut butter just from opening the bag. (Thumbs up) I love the perfect balance of the salt content and a little of the peanut butter. it’s almost like the peanut butter mixes with the pretzel like a peanut butter cracker. That Is GOOD.

The Papa: This is a wonderful peanut butter snack. I seriously can’t get enough!

Kid Four: I don’t like these pretzels. I’m generally not a huge fan of pretzels to begin with, but I’m not enjoying these at all.

Dark Chocolate Filled Pretzels (Brown Bag)

Contains: Peanuts Potato Starch, Cane Sugar, Corn Derivatives

Kid Two: The chocolate flavor is not as present as I was expecting it to be. I was really expecting a punch of flavor. I do however love the salt on these pretzels. Even without the flavor punch, I think these are amazing. I would happily have these as an everyday snack and want us to buy more of both flavors now that I’ve had both.

**After sampling, he asked: Did everyone else like these?

I told him no, and he gasped, clearly he was shocked. He said these are quite possibly the best snack of all time that we’ve purchased. His other favorites include Made Good Vanilla Rice Crispy Bar, Free Yumm Bars, Gummy Snacks, and Fruit Ropes from Clif Kids.

The Papa: I’m not a fan of this flavor. I’d much rather have the peanut butter one.

Kid Four: The chocolate filling really isn’t good to me, at all. I also think the pretzel could have been made better. She very much did not like this item, and didn’t finish all of her sample.


Quinn Filled Pretzels


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