Restricted Diet & Food Allergy Hospital Go Bag Checklist

Hospital Go Bag Guide and Checklist by The Allergy Chef

Do you have a hospital go-bag ready to grab? These bags are essential for those managing food allergies and other medical conditions. Your go-bag helps you and those around you if you have a medical event that requires a trip to the emergency room (ER) or hospital. If you don’t have a bag ready to go, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a great checklist and guide to get you started.

Having a bag ready to grab is designed to help make stressful situations easier in the moment. They’re fantastic for those with food allergies, and also those who have a restricted diet (not by choice). You can use this checklist for yourself as an adult, or for the child(ren) you manage.

What You’ll Find in This Guide & Checklist:

  • Hospital Go-Bag Checklist When Managing Foods Allergies & Restricted Diets
  • Basic Medical Binder Checklist
  • Basic Allergy Binder Checklist
  • Extended Details on Items You Should Have
  • Tips & Reminders

Please also take the time to review the Emergency & Disaster Planning Guide and Checklists and Compounding Medication resources.

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