IG Story Replay: No Judgement

Today I’ll be sharing why we as a community should be supportive and kind, as compared to judgemental. There’s nothing wrong with holding your own opinion, and living your life the way you choose. However, I feel it’s important that when it comes to the (personal) choices of others, it’s not our place to confront them or judge them.

Chicken nuggets are the example I love to give. Some people love them, some people detest them. I’m not referring to organic homemade chicken nuggets by the way. For the sake of this example, let’s assume they’re a fast food variety.

Here’s what you don’t know about the family eating them:

  • Maybe they’re transitioning to eating clean and this is their monthly treat.
  • Perhaps they’re going thru a period of grief and this was easy food.
  • Maybe their child has 37 food allergies and these are their only safe food for eating out.
  • They may have a child who is on the spectrum and loves to eat these nuggets and the parents didn’t have the energy for a food battle.

I share all of that to say this: you don’t know the why behind someone’s choices, and it’s important to keep our opinions to ourselves.

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