Raised Gluten Free Pie Reviews (Vegan, Allergy Friendly)

Raised Gluten Free Pies by The Allergy Chef

Today we’ll be reviewing three pies from Raised Gluten Free. Our friends at the company sent us 3 pies of our choosing, so we went with Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie, and Apple Cranberry Pie. Be sure to watch the video until the end if you’d like to see the ingredients in each of the products.

Raised Gluten Free uses dedicated equipment for their tasty goods, and they’re generally free from 7 major allergens. Some of their products contain soy, but everything is clearly labeled. They even include corn on their allergen statement 🙂

The pies from Raised Gluten Free are now available nation wide at Whole Foods, just in time for the holidays. Honestly, it’s an awesome shortcut for those of you who don’t feel like making one more thing.


Video player not working? Click here for the direct video link.


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